Bekerjalah Roh Kudus (GMS Live “I Declare”) Cover

I Declare

Alright, GMS Live “I Declare” Album has been out last Saturday. Feels like forever since I preordered that album. 😀 Here’s my rendition of “Bekerjalah Roh Kudus”, I’ve translated the song into English so for you who doesn’t speak Indonesian or want to know how this song looks like using English language, here it is. 🙂

Bekerjalah ya Roh Kudus

Roh Kudus hadir di sini
Pribadi yang menawan dan suci
Kurindu mendekat mengerti hatiMu
Berjalan dalam kehendakMu

Roh Kudus manis dan lembut
Penolong yang sejati dan suci
Kurindu mendekat mengerti hatiMu
Berjalan dalam kuasaMu

Bekerjalah ya Roh Kudus
Bertahtalah lebih lagi
UrapanMu, lawatanMu
Kaulah yang kuperlu
Kau terutama di hidupku

Holy Ghost You’re welcomed in this place
I stand in awe of Your glorious divine
How I long to draw near, and listen to Your heart
I want to walk my day in Your cause

Holy Ghost You captivate my heart
Divine Counselor You’re faithful and sincere
How I long to draw near, and listen to Your heart
I want to walk my life in Your power

Holy Spirit fall on this place
Be glorified and magnified
Your anointing overflows me
You are all that I need
Let You be the center of my life

Money Can’t Buy Everything — But Still Important


There’s an ongoing symptoms in the midst of Christian believers nowadays, and its name is Chrometophobia, or fear of money. In this case, it’s not actually fear, but rather, dislikes. The Christian is taught about “for the money is the root of all evil” law, therefore people tends to stay away from activity that can gave them label “money digger”. People feels guilty when they collect money more than what he thought he need. Sorry, did you notice that I wrote the law wrong? Correct. I was deliberately wrote it wrong. The correct one is “for the love of money is the root of all evil”. It’s not the money that is wrong, but it’s our attitude toward the money that can make it the root of all evil. People sometimes giving up opportunities and saying “I dislikes money. It’s the root of all evil,” kind of things. But actually, more often than not, it’s because they’re covering up for their lack of motivation by giving excuses that looks religious.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai, My Old Job, and My New Cover (Aku Percaya)

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai – Happy Chinese New Year!

Hello everybody and Happy Chinese New Year! Or should I say, Gong Xi Fa Cai? And some people even say Zhongguo Xinnian (Zhongguo = Chinese, Xin = New, Nian = Year). I’m not that fluent in Chinese language, but I understand some common terms, and this is a very common terms between Chinese people, even if they can’t speak Chinese.

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Yet Another Cover for GMS Kupercaya Mujizat: Trima Kasih

Kupercaya Mujizat

Kupercaya Mujizat

Wow, this is the third cover for this GMS Kupercaya Mujizat album. This song is actually the first new song that I heard sung in the sunday service. So this song is the one that started to make me feel excited about this album. I actually have tried several times making the cover for this song, but always ended up in failure. I feel this song is harder to cover than the previous two songs. I don’t know, I guess I add too much complexity into the cover, and with this kind of traditional cover, once you do mistake, you have to re-roll the camera from the beginning, which is slightly annoying. I even tried to make cover using piano, but when I review it again, the sound of the piano was very loud, and my voice kind of drown in between the piano notes. So I fall back using the guitar again, as I emphasize on the lyric content for this cover. In this cover, as usual, I’ve translated the Indonesian lyric into English. But this time, it’s a loose translation. It means that it may not have the exact translation word per word, but I tried to capture the message of the lyrics, and use it to create English lyric with the same message, if not (I hope) more powerful. This one took me quite a while to make, so I hope you guys like it. 🙂 Continue reading

Another Cover for Kupercaya Mujizat: Holy Spirit

Kupercaya Mujizat

Kupercaya Mujizat

Well, well, well, who knows that I can be this hyped about this? I decided that I’m going to do another cover for the album Kupercaya Mujizat that’s just recently got released. This song is actually has already quite popular inside Mawar Sharon Church, as this song has been sung for approximately two years in the services. But it never quite made into an album, simply just because the previous albums’ theme is not match with this song. But for this album, it’s a perfect match. Even SiEn Vanessa empower this song with her awesome voice. She added chinese lyrics part to the song, and I think, why not Indonesian then? So I went to utilize my rusty brain to once again put together Indonesian lyric translation for this song. For you who still don’t have this album, buy it. It even accompanied with miracle testimony book with the same title. You’ll get so much from just one single purchase of this album. Yes, I kinda endorse this album, but not because I have monetary gain for it. I don’t, not even one penny. But I don’t want you to miss the blessing you’ll receive through this album. Continue reading

It’s Finally Out: Kupercaya Mujizat

It’s already here!

It's already here!

It’s already here!

Okay, I’m usually have normal level of excitement when it’s about new album from Mawar Sharon Church. But for this album, I’m super hyped. I’ve preorder this album since December last year, and I just got it last night! This album is about the songs that I bet will be sung a lot at Festival Kuasa Allah (God’s Power Festival), a healing crusade that’s regularly be held by Mawar Sharon Church. But I’m especially hyped for this album because album like this is usually hits home to me. This kind of all-worship album is awesome and matched to my preference. But it’s not just that. It’s also the theme that it brings, and the song list that I just love so much.

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A Christmas Essay: Emmanuel

How do you think about someone who name his child over another person’s namesake? Now, how do you feel when somebody decided to name his newborn child with your name?

Name is a one of parents’ keepsake for their children as a memento to remind him/her about destiny. A name usually represent hopes, how parents perceive their children will grow into. I, for some reason, like to study about names. For example, the name of places. The name of places usually contains long history about why those places have their names now. For example, the valley of Eskhol. It’s named Eskhol (“cluster”) because of the cluster of grapes which the children of Israel cut down from thence. And then there’s the people of Edom. It’s named Edom (“hairy”) because of their ancestor Esau, the brother of Jacob, which is also hairy since from the womb. They’re still kept the name Edom / Esau because of the prophecy that Isaac told before his death, that even though the great blessing that should come down upon Esau is “stolen” by Jacob, and Esau was foretold that his descendant will be the servant of Jacob’s descendant, someday Esau / Edom will broke Jacob’s yoke from the Edom’s neck. And they are, because several hundred years later, Edom which is bond to serve Israel, was rebelled and separate themselves from Israel.

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我要回家 (Wo yao hui jia – I want to go home)

Untuk versi bahasa Indonesia dari artikel ini, klik di sini.

How do you feel if you haven’t coming home for years?

We all have never thought even a bit about leaving home, stayed so far away from the one we cared and care for us. But because of the condition that forces us to work out of the city, even out of the country, we can’t live in the ideal world that we thought we will live.

There’s also some who leave home because of the stage in his or her life. When they’re married, eventually they should (but not always) moving into new home to develop their families in a healthy state. But they still, from time to time, visiting their home town, to the place where they used to belong.

And there’s also some others, who leave home because of their choice.

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Redo – Holy Spirit

Redo – Holy Spirit

Update January 21, 2014: Added song lyric “Allah Roh Kudus”.

Update July 30, 2012: Removed download link. Additionally, Redo wishes to everyone just stop the distribution because an album will be released. It really will be released. So don’t worry. 🙂

Update July 7, 2012: NOTIFICATION: In about a week, I will close down the file sharing for Redo’s song, because he stated that next year, there is a high possibility that he, in association with Mawar Sharon Church Praise and Worship Department, will create an album for all these songs. Therefore, he personally asked me to put down these songs, in order for him to be able to concentrate on recording, and not disrupted by the “other things”. So, actually you don’t need to search for these songs that I have uploaded. Just wait for the album to be released, and you will have a better quality of all these songs. 🙂

Update May 11, 2012 at 07.45: Added song lyric “Ubah Hatiku”.

Update February 12, 2012 at 17.20: Added song lyric “Papa dan Mama”.

Update December 12, 2011 at 14.00: Added song lyric “Ku Bri yang Terbaik”.

Update August 22, 2011 at 23.30: After 2 weeks of hard work trying to get for the song from the church, at last now I can keep my promise to you: Pulang in Acoustic full version! And I have uploaded it in three different mirrors! Too bad I can’t get it before the Hui Jia event..

Update August 07, 2011 at 23.25: Added song lyric “I’m God’s Top Agent”.

Update August 07, 2011 at 23.05: After a very busy day, finally I can update Pulang song lyric to the whole version. This is a very nice song once we heard the full version. I think I can get the acoustic version (reff only) of the song soon. But I can’t promise anything. 🙂

Update July 28, 2011 at 23.30: Completed uploading and adding Pulang to Indowebster, and added a mirror too!!

Update July 16, 2011 at 23.50: Added Redo’s newest song lyric “Pulang”.

Update April 9, 2011 at 23.30: Completed uploading mirror to Surabaya for Jesus by direct download link, 4shared, and Mediafire. If all these four links won’t work then I don’t know anymore… 🙂

Update April 6, 2011 at 19.50: Completed uploading and adding Surabaya for Jesus!!!

Update April 6, 2011 at 15.30: Completed uploading Army of God to Indowebster, and adding new song People of Passion with Indowebster download links. Just one more song to hunt: Surabaya for Jesus! Coming soon!

Update April 3, 2011 at 08.38: Added new song lyric “Haleluya” that I just know actually made by Redo. But I still haven’t got the mp3 yet.

Update March 21, 2011 at 23.49: Now I’ve uploaded almost all the song into Indowebster, plus a few more song. Download from Indowebster is pretty fast, and you can use download manager. So, what are you waiting for? 🙂

Now there is this thing — my church is not really into album production ministry, but rumor says that one of its senior youth worship leader, Redo Daeng Badji is going to do an album recording. The album cover above is just an illustration, but let’s wait for further news, shall we?

In the mean time, I’ll present you (free?) recorded song from my church’s youth sunday service, Army of God, where Redo occasionally lead the worship there, singing his own song that supposedly will be present in his album, if he really will make one soon. Let’s dig it up!

Btw, if you tried to download from Indowebster and you get the error notification, maybe the server is down. Please try again a moment later. I’ve tried all the links one by one and sometimes it works, sometimes it’s not. Just please be patient until I find a better host.
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