Daily Prompt: Safety First

This post was made in response of daily promptShare the story of a time you felt unsafe. But I don’t have time to finish it, so I miss the moment. But because I feel compelled to share it, I finish it and post it here for your delight. Enjoy.

It was just a hiking activities back there, when I was just an fifth elementary grader. Every fifth grader in our school every year will have to go to a religious themed camp that the school held. I’ve never been in a camp before, so this was my first time. Even though I can’t remember every details, everything went okay for a couple of days, I think. Except for the food. Oh, the food. Yea, I remember about that food. And about the splattered drink water. Oh, the splattered drink water. I just had this long hostility towards spicy food, which caused me to actually go berserk at the time I put that spicy fried noodle on my mouth, and grab the nearest water bottle, which in turns splats into the table and the floor. Oh well, it’s a not too good childhood memory, but I’ve moved on. Let’s not dive too deep into that, shall we? We will have much other things to “dive” for in the rest of this story. 🙂

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