I Hate Going To The Doctor

I bend my knees, almost squatting on top of the waiting chair. The smell of the drugs really hitting my nose. I don’t know why mom doesn’t feel bothered with all these mixed up smells. And the alley, oh it’s a crowded one. Full of sick people waiting to be checked by the doctor. I can even smell the death in the air.

“Next, Mr. Timmy!” I heard my name called.

“C’mon, Timmy.” My mom strokes my hair. I still sulking in the chair.

“Oh, c’mon, you do know that you needed this, right?” she asked slowly while smiling toward me.

With full blown laziness, I get up from the chair, holding her hand, and walking toward the receptionist nurse. “Dentist appointment, yes? Go to the second door from the left on the far side of the room.” the nurse direct us. We walked to the directed location, and find a closed door. My mom pushes the door, and from outside I can see a young male doctor greets her with a brilliant smile.

“Come in,” he waves his hand towards me. I hesitantly walk in.

“Sit on the chair,” he asks me again. I see the black examining chair, another similar chair that I’ve seen from other dentists around the city. I sort of climbing onto the chair, and reposition my body until I feel comfort. The dentist brings his equipment nearer, readjust the hanging lamp on top of my mouth. “Now open your mouth. Don’t worry, I just want to check.” He smiles again.

Again, I hesitantly open my mouth slowly. Then he brings his stainless steel tools and small mirror to check the insides of my mouth. His face is close to my face. After a brief examination, I can see his bright smiles quickly fades, and his forehead wrinkles. “I didn’t seem to find any problem with your teeth.. they’re exceptionally good..” he murmuring while examining my teeth even closer. “Except that some of it is somewhat longer than normal. Your canines, for the exact..” and before he can finish his sentence, my mom bite his neck with extraordinary strength that he couldn’t even scream at all from the shock. He never see it coming as he’s too focused on examining my teeth. I sit there stunned too. Blood spurts all over my face. It’s a good thing I wear a glasses as precaution as this tend to happens a lot lately. I never can tell when she’s going to make her move.

I wait patiently until she finishes her feeding. Then she stands up.

“You almost scream again today,” she frowns. “That’s why I said you need this training. You need to learn how to deceive and distract human to get the full advantage of the situation. No need to get physical at all.”

“But mom, I hate going to the doctor. I don’t like them!” I protest.

“I know dear, your preference is not like me, not into doctors. After you’ve grown up, I’ll accompany you on your first feeding.” she says with a soft voice and stroke my hair again, gently. “Here, now wipe up the blood on your face,” she hands me some tissue.

After everything is done, and my mom has already hid the body, we get out of the room. The alley is full of people as always. But at the corner of the room, I see a pretty young girl playing with her smartphone. And suddenly I feel so thirsty.

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