1. Install the Necessary Program

If you have make up your mind to create Blackberry apps, then I shall give you the basic background about the environment.

Blackberry apps, like all the other smartphone mobile apps on almost every platform except iOS and Windows Mobile, are created on top of Java platform. Which means, you’ll have to do the code in Java language. If you don’t have the basic understanding about programming, fear not. This tutorial won’t alienated you. Sure, I won’t cover the basic programming concept as it’s beyond this tutorial scope. But I will still put many comments here and there, to give you a hints about what does the code do. If you have basic understanding about programming, but don’t know a thing about Java, fear not. Me too. So, you’ll get the perspective of someone who’s actually started to learn too.

As for now, download and install Eclipse IDE with Blackberry plugins, as Eclipse is the Java programming environment. The Eclipse is quite extensive IDE, and you can extend the IDE more with plugins. It just happened that Blackberry has a version of Eclipse IDE that comes bundled with Blackberry plugins, so you don’t have to play hide and seek with the installing matters.

Download Eclipse + Blackberry Plugins Here | Original Website

After you download it, install as usual. No complicated settings, I think. Just click next, next, next, next. The program will install the Eclipse on the default folder C:\Eclipse, along with the Blackberry plugins. After that, you already good to go! How simple is that?

Note: if by any chance you’re missing Java Runtime Environment, the framework needed for Eclipse to run, you can download it from here. Choose according to your needs.

Download Java Runtime Environment on Sun Microsystem | FileHippo

With all set and clear, now let’s hop onto your first application!

Did you feel the tutorial clear enough for you? Is there anything wrong in the article? Do you know anything I can do to improve this article? Feel free to use the comments area below to share your thought.

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