Ways to Zoom Your Screen

If you’re a computer teacher based on Windows operating system like me, or you’re a presenter which like to go into the details of a picture in your presentation, you will stumble into the need of screen zooming method at some point in your life, or maybe you already are. After searching desperately through the internet, I found some ways of zoom your screen, and other resources that you might find helpful to enhance your teaching.

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Valentine’s Day is Coming!

Awww isn't that cute?

Valentine is coming!

The day full of love is right in front of me. As I’m thinking about how to celebrate it, I’m scrolling through the facebook posts, and noticing an increasing “negative” tones toward the day of love. Well, they usually have one common similarities: single.

I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me, but I never feel “disturbed” with Valentine’s Day when I was still single. Of course Valentine’s Day is more exciting now that I’m no longer single, but when I was single for straight 26 years, I didn’t feel bothered at all when the Valentine’s Day is come. In fact, I can enjoy it as much as my other in-relationship-friends by hang out or receiving friendly chocolates from besties. I don’t think that being single is such a disaster that has to break your world apart, especially when you know that being single has its own advantages, like being in relationship has its own advantages too. I love it when I was still single, but I also love it when I now in a relationship.

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Valentine with Parents (id)

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Valentine with Parents.

Apakah itu terasa aneh kedengarannya?

Valentine biasanya dilakukan bersama dengan seseorang yang kita cintai. Bersama pacar atau pasangan kita, misalnya. Tapi bukankah orang tua kita juga adalah seseorang yang kita kasihi? Atau mungkin hubungan kita dengan orang tua kita tidaklah terlalu baik?

Saya hanya ingin membagikan kepadamu bahwa gereja saya, Gereja Mawar Sharon, memiliki sebuah event pada tanggal 12 Februari 2012 ini, untuk membantumu memperbaiki hubungan dengan orang tua, atau bahkan memperkuat hubungan yang sudah baik. Orang tua kita telah melakukan yang terbaik untuk membesarkan kita, dan mereka layak untuk menerima sesuatu hal yang sebenarnya simple, namun bila kita lakukan dengan kesungguhan hati, akan membawa dampak yang luar biasa. Kadang-kadang, kesempatan yang terbaik untuk mengatakan bahwa aku mengasihi papa dan mama, tidak datang setiap hari.

Bagi kalian yang tinggal di Surabaya, bawalah orang tuamu ke event ini di mall Sibec ITC, karena event ini didesain terutama untuk orang tuamu, untuk merasakan kado hari Valentine yang paling indah dari anak yang mereka kasihi: kamu.

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Valentine with Parents (en)

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Valentine with Parents.

Is that idea sounds so strange for you?

Valentine is usually spent with someone we love. Our soul mate, for instance. But isn’t that our parents also someone we love? Or maybe things are not going too smooth between you and your parents?

I just want to share to you that my church, Mawar Sharon Church, has an event at this February 12, 2012, to helps you reconcile with your parents, or even strengthen the bonds. Our parents have do the best that they can to raise us, that they deserve a little something from our heart. Sometimes the best chance to say that “I love you” to your dad and mom isn’t just come everyday.

For those of you who stay in Surabaya, bring your parents to this event at Sibec ITC mall, as this event is designed especially for your parents, to feel the Valentine’s Day greatest gift, from their lovely child: you.

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By Martin Tjandra Posted in Church