The Crawler


I wake up in the morning, to my greatest shock that I’m not in my bedroom anymore. This room is very strange for me. I don’t even know whether this is a morning dawn or an afternoon twilight, as the window in the room is so small, high up near the ceiling. Besides my bed is a bed lamp on a small table, and there are a couple of neon lamps hanging on the wall opposite of my bed. I looked up high, and see another neon lamp on the ceiling. all of this makes the sunlight that coming through the small window feel faint, so I cannot tell what time right now. Oh, right, my phone! I checked my pockets, to my horror that there’s no cellphone in there. I don’t even have my wallet! I panicked, but then I’m calming myself, thinking any possible way out from here.

I looked around in the room. Besides one steel door below the neon lamps, I don’t even see anything that connect me to the outside world. There’s no handle on the door. The steel door has a small glass window. I wake up and peek on the glass window, but I didn’t see anything. Everything is dark and pitch black out there.

“Hello!” I bang the door with my bare hand. “Is someone there?” I bang the door again, now louder than before. But there’s still nothing outside the door, still pitch black. Or maybe, that’s what it seems, as I suddenly think that I see something. Do I really see something? It’s pitch black out there. I squint my eyes, and look closely to the glass window. After my eyes become more adapted to darkness, I think I see something moving outside in the darkness, but I cannot grasp what that is. But as I see more and more, I realized that it’s not something in the darkness that’s moving, it’s the darkness itself! It’s moving like a dark cloud, swirling over and over.

As I thinking whether is it a black smoke or something, or maybe there’s a fire outside, suddenly my neon lamp on the ceiling starts to buzz, and the light start to flickering. I back off to observe the neon lamp, but as I walk back, I see some shadow thing stretching below, slowly passing through the door! I freak out, and jump to bed, and suddenly my hand touch some paper, that I swear it’s not there before. Or maybe I didn’t check out my entire bed before, as I’m too busy checking my surrounding. The small scrap of paper has some bad handwritten telling “Don’t let the darkness get to you!”

“WHAT darkness?” I freak out in frustration. But as the neon lamp on the ceiling begin to fade in flicker, and finally died, the stretch of the shadow is stretching over and over in the floor, now starting to crawling on the door and the wall. But strangely enough, it’s crawling more to the side of the wall, and not going near the neon lamps above the steel door.

“The lights!” I exclaimed. I pick up the table lamp, and bring the lamp near the door. The shadow reacted to the lights, and quickly retreated to below the steel door while making some kind of jolts. I breathe a relief, but the room feels kinda dark, because the neon on the ceiling has broken. I watch on the small window near the ceiling. Now I can see that there are really sun coming out of the window, but getting fainter and fainter. I guess it’s going to be night time soon. Wait, did I say night time?

Suddenly, I notice there’s some shadow start to crawl through the window near the ceiling. “This is bad, real bad!” My thoughts imagining the worst case possible. And the neon lamps above the steel door start to flickering. “What the heck!” I shout and back again to the bed, as I notice the shadow start to crawling again below the steel door. Now the shadow crawl higher in the steel door, and slowly surrounding the flickering neon lamps. “Aaahh!!” I shout  and cover my eyes when those two lamps suddenly burst out with blinding light, and then the room becomes darker, as the only light emitted in the room is from the table lamp in my hand. My neck feel chilled out, my body is frozen, and I’m sure I can feel some gust flowing around my neck, even though there’s no ventilation nearby.

I squint my eyes, and find out that the shadow tries to cover the entire ceiling and walls by stretching like giant tentacles. I held out my table lamp tightly, and shove it over to shadows which try to coming near me from behind. My body chills and trembling. I don’t know what to do! “Somebody help!” I shout as loud as I can, but my voice feels dissipate in the dark. And the table lamp in my hand starting to flicker. “Oh no no no no NO!” I try to shake the cable, fasten the lamp screw, anything I can do, but to no avail. The lamp keeps flickering, and is getting weaker and weaker. “No!” I jerk my legs when I feel something cold, but burning, touching my legs. But as I tighten up and pull myself on the corner of the room on my bed, the shadow keeps crawling on the bed, and I almost can’t see half of the bad. Suddenly the cold burning sensation touch my right hand which touched the wall, startled me, and makes me throw the lamp to the floor. “Damn!” I try to reach the lamp, but as my hand reach it, the lamp died.

I quickly pull myself back to bed. Great! I thought to myself. What next? And then I hear a low growling voice on the entire room, the gust wind chilling in the entire room, as I feel my whole leg starting to feel the cold burning sensation. “Get off me! GET OFF!” I use my hand to swipe away the thing, but the burning envelops my hands too, and it crawls to my chest and stomach, and my back. I scream and jerk as the burning is too painful to bear, but the shadow thing hold me from moving, push me to the bed. My scream stopped abruptly as the shadow envelops my neck and my mouth, and the last thing I can see is the small window on the ceiling with faint light, before the shadow envelops my eyes.

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