Purple Aurora: Chapter 3

Pitch Black Conscience

Three hundred and fifty four. No, fifty five. Or, was it fifty four? Sam cannot maintain his sanity any longer if he doesn’t count that water drops. It has passed so long since he’s in that cell, so long that he lost track of time. Maybe four or five days has passed. There’s no sunshine in that cell, dark, and cold, and humid. He’s too tired to even feel angry. All day long he’s just laying on a higher plain stone, letting his mind all around. It’s so quiet, that he can even listen to the sound of water drops on the other side of the cell. Maybe the faucet is leaked. He don’t even care anymore. He just want to go home, take a good hot shower, eat his mom’s hot delicious soup, and take a long sle-

BANG! The loud sound on the metal rusty door startled him. Usually when the guards send him food, they would just put it inside the jail door, and not making this kind of loud noise. Suddenly lights coming in.

“Wake up. Tim wants to meet you.” two big tall man silhouette standing in the door. Sam raised his hand to cover his eyes and squint it to adapt to the light.
“What more question do you guys want to ask me? I already answered all your question the other day, but you won’t listen!”
“Don’t be so noisy, little brat. Just walk!”
Sam lazily standing from his bed that’s actually not more than a thin piece of cloth over a cold cement floor. One of them grab Sam’s arm impatiently and drag him out of the cell.

After a seemingly long walk inside the corridor, Sam then enter the same room that he came here for the first time. The lobby room. Except that now there’s a funky big black chair with many equipment present here. The man who grab Sam’s arm forces Sam to sit on the dusty couch, and then Tim comes from the other room.

“Hello, Sam.” Tim smiles. “Have a nice nap there in the cell?”
“Screw you.” Sam murmuring.
“Hahaha, don’t worry, you can change your miserable fate once you decided to cooperate with me.” Tim waving his index finger creating circles.
“And what ‘cooperation’ would that be?”  Sam asks sarcastically with the emphasis on the cooperation.
“Simple. Help me finish my job to find your friend.”
“So, what makes you think I know where my friend’s location now?”
“Just give me his universal ID number, and then, with little extra time needed, I can track him down.”
“Yeah, and help you to control the world’s population by reducing it by two. Duh!”
“No, no, no, you don’t understand. I will rehabilitate your criminal record, both of you, and then you two can go home safely.”
“And why the hell would I believe you?”
“Because I said so. Don’t you believe me?” he smiles. Sam suddenly wanted to puke in his *face*.
“Just go to hell!”
“Oh hahahaha I wanted to. Really.”  Tim suddenly bursts in laugh. “Some of my most wanted criminals are nowhere to be seen. I’m sure I can found some of them there.” Sam’s eyes widened.
“You evil!”
“Well, well, well, look who’s now talking. Don’t test my patience, kid. I’m sure some extra time in your bedroom will knock some sense into your brain. I’m offering you freedom. Never forget that. Get him outta here.”


BANG! The sound of metal rusty door closed behind him is echoing throughout the dark room, probably even through all the prison. Dark room, here we meet again, Sam said to himself. That’s before he thinks he hears something. Must be my mind gone mad from being all time kept down here, Sam mumble to himself.

Sam listened closely.
He actually HEARS something. Who is that? Voice inside his head?
“Hey, you, new boy, come here.”
He feels that the whispering but rather loud sound is coming from outside the cell door. He peeks outside. It’s dark. It’s nothing.
“Hey, yes, you over there.”
He peeks again, and he sees a finger probing through a hole in the cell door in front of his cell door.
“What?” Sam whisper back.
“What did they wanted from you?”
“They just want me to give information on my friend’s universal ID, in exchange of my freedom.”
“Then, what did you say?”
“I just say, go to hell. There’s no way I will turn my friend into this dungeon.”
“Well, where is he now?”
“I don’t even know.”
“Then why are you here?”
“That’s because…” Sam lost in words.
“Furthermore, how come only you in here and he isn’t?”
“I… um…”
“Listen, pal, the leader here, uhh.. what was his name..” “Tim!” “Tim, yeah, Tim. He’s not fond to offering bargain with the one imprisoned here, except if there’s some information he wants from his prisoners. I was prisoned down here for years, because I never had anything to offer in exchange for my freedom, and I don’t want to return to my abusing workplace either. I just say, take his offer, get your freedom, and if you can, don’t forget about me.”
“But then my friend will be jailed…”
“Then I would say, screw your friend. Is he can even be called friend anymore?”
There’s a long silence in the dark.
“Maybe… maybe you’re right. But either way, I can’t do that to him. Ever.” Sam stares at his own invisible feet in the dark, wondering what Patrick might do at this time. He feel his tears start to rolling down.
“Listen, maybe it’s not as bad as you think. If he said that he will release you both, then he will. You just need to comply with what he wants.”

Sam suddenly raised his head.
“When did I ever told you that he said he’s going to release me and my friend both?”

There’s a long silence again in the dark.
“Hahaha, you got me kid.” the voice across the jail door suddenly laughing.
“You… you tricked me?” Sam’s voice raised in a pitch high level.
“Hahaha I don’t have any other choices kid. Tim offers me a bargain that if I can get information out of you then he will set me free.”
“How could you?! I almost trusted you!”
“Hey hey, there are truths in my previous statements. First, Tim sometimes really make a hard-to-resist deal that could result in your freedom, and second, your friend is really not worthy to be called friend. But seeing you had make up your mind, it seems that you will rot with me here all eternity. Hehehehe…”
“SCREW YOU!! Leave me ALONE!! Just.. just GO TO HELL!!” DANG! Tim bashes the rusty metal door with anger, sadness, confuse, bitterness, all mixed up into one. He doesn’t even know what to believe anymore.


Suddenly Sam sees red flashes light from cracks in the rusty metal door. Ouwh, what again, Sam sigh. Isn’t there enough troubles for one day? He hears running footsteps outside the door, and noises. But everything concerns nothing to me anymore, he indulge in gloominess. Just let me lay down here and skip the rest of the day…


Red light break out into his cell.


Sam turned around. He sees a boy silhouette in the dim flashing red light background.


“Thank God you’re okay! We have to get out of here!”

“But.. but how…”


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6 comments on “Purple Aurora: Chapter 3

  1. What’s the price of freedom?

    What’s the meaning of friendship? I’m glad Sam was tested and tempted, and yes, knows what he stands for. Love this entry. 🙂

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