Goodbye, Taipei School!

Today’s post will be a little different, because this covering big change in my life.

Surabaya Taipei International School

Surabaya Taipei International School

For almost one year and half, I’ve serve on this school as a computer teacher and IT staff, and I’d say it’s quite a thrilling experiences. I met new and awesome people, frantically learn alien language I’ve known nothing about, doing some impossible projects I’ve never known I have the ability to do that (thanks to the people who has been such a GREAT help), and enduring pressures on desperate times, all is gathered in that one moment when I finally bid my farewell to this school for a new job and experiences that my soul always thirst of.

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Bromo Trip of the Summer Vacation

I have mentioned in my other blog’s posts that I’m going to Bromo. Well, I’ve just finished my “tour guide” job for school’s guests from Taiwan trip to Bromo. It’s not a real “tour guide” job actually. Basically, I just have to accompany them as they basically can’t speak or understand Indonesian very well. I help them in communicating with the travel drivers, locals, sellers, and front desk officer. This is some of the pictures I take. This is actually the first time I upload pictures in my blog post (Hurray! Throw the champagne! No? Well, I don’t really like champagne, either), but hey, there always the first time for everything, right? 🙂

The sunrise view in Bromo (actually in the Petinggen Mt.) is blocked by a thick fog

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Lame Excuses

Have you ever feel that you more “alive” than before? Yeah, you pretty much alive before, but after it — whatever “it” is — came into your life, your life is “never be the same” ?

I was pretty much alike. I do my routine days, my daily job, and I somewhat do enjoy what I do. But something is still missing. Often when I say to some of my friend in Church, that they have to found out what they really want to do in their life, what’s their vision, it’s like I’m also telling myself. I feel that I’m doing fine for a living. But I didn’t feel I’m doing great. And I don’t really know why I felt like that.

But in these recent days, I somehow find that missing link, that lost connection that I’ve been felt for years — when my very generous and kind friend introduce me to iDevice programming. I was evolve so much, from the hater of a non-Windows freak, to a more open-minded person who can understand and handle differences between OS, and now I’m almost officially an Apple’s fan! And that’s before my newly renaissance about developing apps for iDevice! Continue reading

Short Note At The Airport

Well, here I am at the airport, waiting for the plane to be departed. Actually, I got here in a little bit of hurry, just to be informed that the plane is delayed for 2 hours. Sigh. Well, the wise always said, it’s better to wait twice as long than to be late. As for I am, waiting makes my mind drift away, because that’s where my mind can rest for a while, while avoiding much of the life’s worries.

Well, about that, I’m just thinking that life needs money. A lot of it. I was talking with my friend’s dad with his friend a fer days ago. He asked what I’m doing for living, what business I plan to make, and what business chance that I foresaw. And his final words is what keep echoing around in my head, “God, it’s so hard to make money these days!”

Well, age wise, he’s a lot older, wiser, and a seasoned pro than me in terms of making money. And as far as I know, he’s not a lazy person or something. But yet, that fearful words is coming from his very own lips! So that’s a little discouraging me. Will I be able to make enough money for the family I’m going to have in the future? What if there’s something happened along the way? I’m never old, but my friend’s dad have been through youth age. Who knows what kind of hardships he’s been enduring.

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