Lame Excuses

Have you ever feel that you more “alive” than before? Yeah, you pretty much alive before, but after it — whatever “it” is — came into your life, your life is “never be the same” ?

I was pretty much alike. I do my routine days, my daily job, and I somewhat do enjoy what I do. But something is still missing. Often when I say to some of my friend in Church, that they have to found out what they really want to do in their life, what’s their vision, it’s like I’m also telling myself. I feel that I’m doing fine for a living. But I didn’t feel I’m doing great. And I don’t really know why I felt like that.

But in these recent days, I somehow find that missing link, that lost connection that I’ve been felt for years — when my very generous and kind friend introduce me to iDevice programming. I was evolve so much, from the hater of a non-Windows freak, to a more open-minded person who can understand and handle differences between OS, and now I’m almost officially an Apple’s fan! And that’s before my newly renaissance about developing apps for iDevice! Well, here’s this thing: I tend to stay away from what I hate. Really. If I dislikes something, I try in every way not to touch it at all. So I have to admit, I lost in prehistoric age when concerning Apple, Mac, and iDevices. When the first iPhone was rolled out, I just watch it with cold eyes, and didn’t react at all. But deep in my heart, I know I’m curious to get know about this new gadget, as the people buzzing around and talking about it.

When I thought about it, how can I dislikes such a device — or further more, a brand? Well, I can think none but lame excuses coming up:

  1. Many people said to me that Apple is so “closed environment”. They rarely open up their structure for the world to see, and that caused not many developers, particularly games developers, developing application at Mac. So, as I was a big game addicted before, I think that Apple is such a big jerks, and owning any Apple devices is just a big mistake. Period.
  2. As I believing more and more of the Apple’s “closed environment”, I started to develop my own believe that the one that developing Apple’s software and apps is also, and only, Apple’s internal staff. That’s why I though the apps selection in Apple is so limited, and it will be nearly impossible for people outside the Apple company to develop programs for Mac.
  3. As I believing more and more that Apple is such a big jerk, I also gain the feeling that the owner of an Apple device is also a big jerks that only want to show off. I didn’t want to take part of that “show off” community, so obviously I stay away from this device. Lame excuse, I know.

Maybe some of you will ask, why I never opened up websites and find out the truth about Apple?
As I said, I tend to stay away from the things I dislikes, so to read an article about, or even opened a website about things I dislike, is a big no. It’s like opening a website showing a bloody wrestling pictures, when you’re not a fan of wrestling, further more that it’s bloody. It’s weird, I know. But that’s how my brain work, as I realized more recently.

But as the time goes by, I found out that each one of my lame excuses was answered.

  1. Apple is closed environment. It’s true. And it’s not even changed a bit. But they do that in order to protect their operating systems, and that also means more security, less virus, less hacking, and — this is what developers truly joy — less pirated product.
  2. It turns out that the app numbers in iDevice is even more than sand in the beach! Well, not that much, but that prove 2 things: that there ARE other developers in Apple’s realm, they are ENJOY developing on Apple’s platform. Even a 7 years old child can develop an apps in iPhone! That makes me rethink it over, is developing apps in Apple’s platform that bad? If 7 years old child can do that, why can’t I? If so many people can “get their hand on that closed environment”, then it mustn’t as bad as I thought. There must be some easy way to do that, right?
  3. Well, when my girlfriend show me her iPod, I reluctantly tried it. Between wanted and not wanted it, I forced myself to use that little thing. Not too long after the next half an hour, I was already absorbed into the Zombie Smash app. What I thought to be an show off, overly priced device, was a relatively cheap device I held on my hand, compared to a similar device with similar function and quality.

That’s when I converted from hater into neutral. I am an elegant and beautiful design lover, as I’m quite artistic myself, and I get hooked easily by a beautiful design. As I take a peek on Mac’s HUID (Human User Interface Design), I suddenly fall in love with is sleek design. I don’t know why, but it’s like all it’s application is designed by the same developer. But it turns out that Apple has their HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) that giving guidelines for all developers about how to design the layout in Mac so that they share similar design feel and touch. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be happier if someone just point me directly in the right direction about how to do something correctly, and as it’s intuitive and beautiful design has major contribute in Apple’s success, there must be something they’ve done correctly in there. When I finally had my own iPad, I myself witness the beautiful design and the ease of use of iPad. I now nearly use iPad in my daily things. When I want to browse, but feel lazy to fired up a computer, I turn on the iPad instead. I check for my other job stuff, such as stock prices, also from the iPad. But to develop an apps for iDevices is just like a big dream for me with no realization. I still feel that developing apps in iDevices is a very long and steep path, with no one to guide and point me to the right way.

Until that day comes. The day when my friend point me, even demonstrated in front of me, that developing apps in Mac and iDevices IS simple.

Well, actually, it’s not that simple, but for me, now it’s become DOable. I was thinking that developing in Delphi back when I was in college is the most easy way to develop an application. The user interface, the code, everything. Now in Apple, it’s a little bit different. Actually, yes, it’s a little bit harder and complicated. But as I learn, I understand little by little that every added complexity they’ve put in there has meaning and purpose. But I never see that beautiful user interface builder like what I saw in Mac! It’s very… visual! And Apple has already give vast resources, tools, and framework for developers to use. The Xcode, Cocoa and Cocoatouch, the simulator, the community, the documentation (oh, the documentation! You HAVE to see how detail and friendly is it!), and everything, it’s just like a whole new world for me! Only better.

And it pays too! That’s one of the biggest reason why I moved to Apple’s realm programming. For years, I despise developer that charges too expensive for a piece program that I think so much people needed it. You can make much more money by selling it less expensive but more people buy it, I thought. And when I take a look at the app store, which is just around 0.99$ for most of the paid apps, I just snap my finger and said, “Well, this is WHAT I’m talking about!” My heart trembling when I see news about a bar that gives menu list for the customer using the iPad, or a bank that displays iPad on waiting room next to the customer’s seat that displays advertisement and products of that bank. I always want to be the part of the developers who develop useful daily or business application like that.

I just can’t wait to start develop iDevice application. Just one big problem lies ahead: I don’t own a Mac. All this time I learn iDevice programming at my friend’s house. I hope I can buy a Mac computer in near future, and started to pour my thought in making this world a better world — that’s what the missing link that I’m searching for.

What’s your missing link? Feel free to share your thought.


2 comments on “Lame Excuses

  1. baru nyadar klo yg nulis ini martin tjandra, tak pikir orng yg ada di pic itu, wkwkwkwkwkkk… betul2 lame excuse, wkwkwkwkwkwkkk..

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