The Importance of Names

Do you remember where I put your name?

“When we are famous, people will asks for your schedule, Den.” my friend Jono said jokingly in my house last Wednesday. My other friend, Denny, is laughing.
“Hah. Much like when I read the tweet at Echa’s twitter, Jon.” he recalled. “People asks him, when will you perform Drum Session in our place, or when will you come visit our city. I still don’t think it’s my time.” he opened his cellphone, and give it to me so that I can read Echa’s tweets.
“Hahah, someday you will.”
“Yea, but the thing that I really like about him is more about how he remembers people he has met.” his tone suddenly becomes serious.
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The Most Popular Question

Do you ever hear people who asking what’s the meaning of life?

While this is a potentially good question, this question also indicate that the people isn’t happy with his/her current life, because as we know it, happy person rarely asks about something like that.

The question about the meaning of life has been brought up by tons of people, including me. Especially each time when I’m about to hit the lowest point in my life, this question always coming up in my mind, and I guess, in each of your mind too. This question is coming up to serve as a reminder for me of what’s the important things in this world that I’m currently fighting for. This is acts like the last resort of defense before everything crumbles up.

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When You’re Near (有你在)

Love is like a magnet. That’s what two people in love will tell you. A least, it’s not must always be “in love” terms. When you feel comfort to be around somebody, you already have an “atmosphere of love” going on between you two. Why? Because strangers won’t be willing to sit nearby, next to each other, especially for a very long time. People has this “private space” border erected around them. The distance is different from one another. Some has this border erected in radius of 1 meter. You can see this type of person when in public place. There’s unlikely any strangers sitting next to them, if not in forced condition, such as there’s no available seat anywhere else. Other people maybe has this border erected just around 1 cm, meaning than they can go around with new acquantices easier and become comfortable faster. But all in all, if someone has letting you in into his/her private space willingly, there’s must be something more than just ‘a stranger’ between you two.

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Short Note At The Airport

Well, here I am at the airport, waiting for the plane to be departed. Actually, I got here in a little bit of hurry, just to be informed that the plane is delayed for 2 hours. Sigh. Well, the wise always said, it’s better to wait twice as long than to be late. As for I am, waiting makes my mind drift away, because that’s where my mind can rest for a while, while avoiding much of the life’s worries.

Well, about that, I’m just thinking that life needs money. A lot of it. I was talking with my friend’s dad with his friend a fer days ago. He asked what I’m doing for living, what business I plan to make, and what business chance that I foresaw. And his final words is what keep echoing around in my head, “God, it’s so hard to make money these days!”

Well, age wise, he’s a lot older, wiser, and a seasoned pro than me in terms of making money. And as far as I know, he’s not a lazy person or something. But yet, that fearful words is coming from his very own lips! So that’s a little discouraging me. Will I be able to make enough money for the family I’m going to have in the future? What if there’s something happened along the way? I’m never old, but my friend’s dad have been through youth age. Who knows what kind of hardships he’s been enduring.

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Video Blog Fever Rambling

Kevin from KevJumba's Channel. FYI: This is *strictly* not me. 😀

Hello guys! Long time no see. How’re you doin? Wait… this isn’t really like my style. But anyway, I was absent from this blog for too long time. I have some materials to write actually, but let me get organized first. 🙂 So let’s get warmed up with this foreword.

Remember when I’m talking about my favorite Youtube channels in 2011? Well, recently I visited Nigahiga’s channel (Ryan Higa) out of curiosity why his channel is so popular, and found out about his friends, KevJumba (Kevin), the one that in the picture above. I’m actually not very fond of video blogging, or maybe should I say, video ranting. But when I see KevJumba’s channel, I should say that, well, I like his video. Nigahiga is great too, but KevJumba can make videos without the need to much-overused self-deprecating, which will be rotted after used too much.

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A Momentarily Note

Hello folks! Just want to tell you that I’m currently away for one week so I can’t update this blog (as if there are any routine post publishing already hahaha my bad). I hope when I return, I can roll out fresh ideas and inspiration to better serve you all well. Just a last note: love is always better than hate, because with love, you can never truly be hurt, meanwhile with hate, you only ended up hurtin no one but yourself. Keep on fighting guys. 🙂

God bless you.