Surabaya For Jesus: The History Begin

The Jakarta For Jesus phenomenon that held on April 26-27, 2011 has reach into one conclusion: that God who we worship able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think! Maybe we only have faith for five thousand soul each day, but in total, more than 20,000 people have attend the crusade in only two days, and the sum of soul saved themselves also already exceeded the total seat capacity alone!

Now it’s the time for Surabaya For Jesus. This is not a just another type of event — This is an event that could changes your life forever! Too bad that when Jakarta For Jesus is held, I wasn’t there, so I can’t give full cover of report about what really happened there. But at Surabaya For Jesus, I will attend those full 2 days, from the seminars at daylight, to the crusade at nighttime. We are working hard for this moment, because we know that this moment is very crucial, have a huge impact for the lives of many people. When we held Surabaya For Jesus event, we are not kidding — This is an event we strive to REALLY bring everyone in Surabaya to know Jesus personally!

So, in this blog post, I assure you that I will cover whatever happened in Surabaya For Jesus day 1 and day 2 crusade in proper detail. Choky Sitohang and Christian Bautista will also be present to gives their testimonial, Philip Mantofa will gives the sermon. But, instead of reading my report, why don’t you come yourself at the crusade and experience a life-changing encounter with God?

Check out the details
April 29-30, 2011, at 19.00-21.00 (free)
Kenjeran Park, East Surabaya, Indonesia.

For you who can’t come into the service, you can watch it via online streaming at

Don’t miss it! And experience the unforgettable encounter with God, that will changes your life, forever!

Read Surabaya For Jesus theme song lyrics and download the mp3.

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The Basic Recipe of Success

For every successful man, there is always a woman supporting behind.

It’s funny how I always suddenly came with a blog post inspiration after a mellow session of my life. I am a melancholic phlegmatic person, and I have this strange syndrome to abruptly entered melancholy mode when the memories of past lifetime suddenly come to haunt. Well, not exactly. But anyway, that makes me thinking over a subject that maybe everyone has already know about, but never thought it in a deeper way, or in some way, in a simpler way. But I prefer to not have to walk down towards the path of melancholy before finally grabbing onto some enlightening. 🙂 Today, let’s talk about success. You all probably have known about success, and may even have your own definition about it. But let’s give ourselves a break and discuss it from a different point of view, shall we?

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Jakarta For Jesus: All Aboard!

Today, April 26, marked a new changes in Jakarta: A new young generation is being arise! In the revival service held at the Ballroom of Central Pall Mark, Podomoro City, West Jakarta, the building with only capacity of 5000 people, tonight filled with more than 9000 people, all bathe in the in the God’s presence while excitedly worshiping Him. At the end of the sermon, many people coming forward to respond to the love of God. From the report, at least 2500 people are giving themselves saved and be reconciled with God! That’s a great news, but it shall not ended there.

Tomorrow, it’s the final day for revival ceremony of Jakarta for Jesus! If you live in Jakarta, or be around Jakarta, you should gives yourself time out from all things you’re currently working on, and coming to the service just once. It’s a small time investment compared to what could changes and turn your life anew, and your life will never be a same.

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Health Is Not Just An Asset

Now it has been the 3rd day I’m under control of an alien parasite called influenza. It’s not that bad though; having live on a tropical island of Indonesia, influenza has become a common daily disease here that our bodies have been adjusted to cope with it. When the people around the globe with four season in their countries suffer from influenza, it tends to become a bad disease that bring its victim down to the level of bed rest and unable to do anything. But in a tropical island like Indonesia, an influenza disease is just as common as headache or discount at Matahari department store (I never saw Matahari without something to be discounted at, by the way). For me, influenza is just another type of cough or sneeze. It’s very rare for the influenza to develop into something evil like cold.

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Surabaya For Jesus: The Theme Song

Maybe you’ve heard about this movement, maybe you haven’t. Don’t worry, I won’t alienated you. 🙂 This is a movement crusade that started from a heart longing for spiritual revival for Surabaya and Jakarta in Indonesia. This movement pioneered by a similar movement called Asia for Jesus, that my Church also participated in that movement before as a host to one of Asia for Jesus conference some 3 years ago. That Asia for Jesus movement is the one that gave birth to a movement what we now called Army of God in Mawar Sharon.

Now, the movement crusade is coming back to Indonesia, with cities specifically of Surabaya and Jakarta, which will be held on 26-27 April 2011 on Jakarta, and 29-30 April 2011 on Surabaya. We are very excited about this event as we are working hard day and night for this event to be success. Not only there will be seminars held at daytime, there will be crusades held at nighttime, everyday! But no rush, this page is intended as a welcoming for new people who doesn’t know about this movement, and a reminder for those who already know. I will give you more details when the time is right. For now, I just can say: don’t miss it! 🙂

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So Much for a Balanced State

The Whirlpool Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy M51, NGC 5...

Majestic galaxies far far away from home

Have you ever thought, about what will happened, if there were a slight modification in our so-little-yet-so-complicated DNA, so that we happened to walk on earth with three legs instead of two? Or maybe two mouths? Wow what a very noisy world we live. 🙂 I’ve just reading through articles and fiction stories about living in outside our galaxies recently, when suddenly this things knocking my senses: what if there was a slight alteration on these planets’ orbital path? Either the planet will be knocked out of the system and will be freezing to death, or will be engulfed in the system’s star.

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Self Identity Mystery

When I were much younger, I often heard some of the adults were said about me “searching for identity”. I weren’t understand about what they means, so I never thought anything about that. I even thought that even though other teenagers going through crisis of identity, I wouldn’t be one of them. A bold statement, that often coming from a young person. But of course, lacked-of-experience young Martin proven out to be false.

But, after all of those wonder years of my life has passed, now I can reflect on all those years and try to comprehend, what self-identity is all about.

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