Health Is Not Just An Asset

Now it has been the 3rd day I’m under control of an alien parasite called influenza. It’s not that bad though; having live on a tropical island of Indonesia, influenza has become a common daily disease here that our bodies have been adjusted to cope with it. When the people around the globe with four season in their countries suffer from influenza, it tends to become a bad disease that bring its victim down to the level of bed rest and unable to do anything. But in a tropical island like Indonesia, an influenza disease is just as common as headache or discount at Matahari department store (I never saw Matahari without something to be discounted at, by the way). For me, influenza is just another type of cough or sneeze. It’s very rare for the influenza to develop into something evil like cold.

But as common as it was, that’s the main problem. When I catch influenza, even if it’s just a simple annoying illness, it frequently blocks my nose from breathing normally. And the feeling of ‘constantly having something lurking inside your nose’ is annoying enough to the point that I can’t get a good quality sleep these past few days because I had to breathe literally from my mouth. This is just a simple fact that people often overlooked, that a healthy body is really a gift and an asset. Furthermore, it’s not just an asset, it’s an investment. To have a constantly healthy body will contribute in a longer and more productive life. But too bad so many people (sometimes it included me) often unintentionally let their health degrade until they are sick, and then realize that health is important. But after they healthy again, they let down their guard and let their health deteriorate again. Right now, I have to drink a “cocktail” of drug that consists of five different of drug, all having different function. This is done so that I can be cured as fast as possible, because as simple as it is sounds, I just want my good night sleep back.

So, for a friendly reminder, treat your health, so that it can become your important investment. That investment will pay you back in your later ages. Right now, I just wanted to say “Oh how good it is to be able breathe normally!”

O.. oh… see you later… I just had to ha… haaa… HAAAA… HATZYUUUUUHH..!!!

2 comments on “Health Is Not Just An Asset

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