So Much for a Balanced State

The Whirlpool Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy M51, NGC 5...

Majestic galaxies far far away from home

Have you ever thought, about what will happened, if there were a slight modification in our so-little-yet-so-complicated DNA, so that we happened to walk on earth with three legs instead of two? Or maybe two mouths? Wow what a very noisy world we live. 🙂 I’ve just reading through articles and fiction stories about living in outside our galaxies recently, when suddenly this things knocking my senses: what if there was a slight alteration on these planets’ orbital path? Either the planet will be knocked out of the system and will be freezing to death, or will be engulfed in the system’s star.

All these strange imaginative cases

After doing a not-necessarily-important contemplating, I came up with all these interesting cases. What would our life be, if:

  • There is slight differences in water and sea water molecule creation so that it’s easy to be burnt like oil?
  • The earth rotation is not perfectly balanced so that it’s spin slowed down over time and then finally stops?
  • There is slight differences in our DNA so that we can grow indefinitely?
  • There is slight differences in animals’ DNA so that they can grow indefinitely?
  • The earth and moon distance is not far enough that they grew close each year and eventually collide?
  • The earth’s gravity isn’t strong enough to pull the atmosphere so that our atmosphere get thinner and thinner everyday?
  • The earth’s crust isn’t strong enough to contain the lava inside, so that there are so many active volcanic in earth, even a giant fissure that show earth’s boiling stomach?
  • There is slight differences in how we digest food, so that all plants is considered toxic to human?
  • There is not enough particles in the air to transmit electromagnetic waves so technologies like phonecell and satellites that transmit electromagnetic waves certainly wouldn’t work?
  • The sun is a little hotter for a few degrees that eradicate 80% of animals and plants on earth?
  • There are too much water on earth so that there are no dry land for us to live?

And have you ever thought about this?

  • That the blood’s chemical composition is so specific enough so that it can bind oxygen from the lungs and transport it to the whole body, release the oxygen binding right in the correct cells that needs it? Why? How the blood “knows” it has to bind oxygen and not ozone?
  • That our eyes’ lens is created specifically to be flexible enough so that we can see near and far with ease? Before human even think about a static hard lens to focusing or biasing light wave, human eyes’ lens has already in the flexible lens state.
  • That the moon’s orbit is specific enough so that it can affect tidal wave from time to time and helps create season in the world? Tidal wave has already helps fishermen from very ancient times to sail to the middle of the ocean to fishing, and back to the beach in one piece.

The bottom line

After all, there were a need for a very complex calculation for all of the above to be done correctly so the world and the galaxies can be work as they are today. They can’t be formed from just a mere coincidence after coincidences. For just all the complexities above, it’s very hard to be expecting another life form outside earth to be sprouted out spontaneously. And if we think about it, why the hassle for all the “extra gazillions stars” in the galaxies, if there are no life form in there?

That alone, my friend, just can be attributed back to God, who creates all the stars, heaven and earth. All His creation show Him glory in His work, and that He is not doing something just to achieve “minimum result”, but He wants to do everything perfectly and beautifully in His standards. Let today’s contemplation just a faithful reminder that we are not the center of the universe, that there are a Greater being that so great He can create the universe, and yet so small and willing to form relationship with us, who is just a dust of sand in the ocean of stars. If He can keep the ocean of stars floating around in rhythm for ages, He also can keep your life in perfect balanced state.

Have you have a relationship with God today? 🙂


2 comments on “So Much for a Balanced State

  1. about the water. I remembered that if its viscosity were about to be less by even 0,1 (I can’t remember precisely – but i’m sure it’s a very small value), life as we know it wouldn’t exist. Basically, the Hydrogen atoms can’t merge with Oxygen in such state.

    BTW have u read Stephen Hawkings’ The Grand Design? or heard something about String theory?

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