The Basic Recipe of Success

For every successful man, there is always a woman supporting behind.

It’s funny how I always suddenly came with a blog post inspiration after a mellow session of my life. I am a melancholic phlegmatic person, and I have this strange syndrome to abruptly entered melancholy mode when the memories of past lifetime suddenly come to haunt. Well, not exactly. But anyway, that makes me thinking over a subject that maybe everyone has already know about, but never thought it in a deeper way, or in some way, in a simpler way. But I prefer to not have to walk down towards the path of melancholy before finally grabbing onto some enlightening. 🙂 Today, let’s talk about success. You all probably have known about success, and may even have your own definition about it. But let’s give ourselves a break and discuss it from a different point of view, shall we?

The Difference Between “Success” and “Luck”

When I tried to think about what is a success, I only get one word as an answer: result. By result, it means that to achieve success, you have to do what it needs to achieve it. There’s no such as incidental (or accidental) in success: incidental produces luckiness, while work hard produces success. You can’t really say that someone who inherited millions of dollar worth can be called success because now he got a lot of money — it’s his parents who can be called success. He is (simply at that point) just got lucky.

But by achieving success, even at the many shape of success, it can be generalized by achieving something that currently beyond one’s reach. For example, the boy in above example maybe only can be called just got lucky when he inherited millions of dollar. But, in the future, he can be called success, if he can expand what his parents has left for him, to become, say, trillions of dollar. Even if you have millions of dollar at the first time, it’s still a hard thing, if not almost impossible, to expand it into trillions of dollar in a single night. Still a hard work and discipline is needed to achieve that kind of level, not even talking about the education needed to manage the money and company and the expansion altogether. To be called “achieve something”, it has to beyond reach at the first time. If the target is already under reach by the time it is set, then it’s not an achievement. It’s normal.

The Basic Recipe of Success

After spending much time thinking about what and what-not about the component that produces success, I finally shrink the list into three principles that cannot be cut further down again. To achieve success, someone has to:

  1. Know what he wants, and walk towards it. This is called vision. You can never reach your destination without first determine where is it located. But knowing your destination is not enough. You have to move your body towards the goal, or dream will only be a dream. And don’t forget about peoples who can help you to achieve your dream, such like the illustration picture above.
  2. Know what he wants not, and walk against it. This is called evaluation. Without evaluation, you’ll never know if your path have been strayed or not. Evaluation (critics) from people near you is valuable as well. But knowing where you fail is not enough, you have to prevent the same mistake from ever happening again in the future.
  3. Know when he has to do what, and obey with it. This is called self control. Or some wants to called life balance. It’s good to have obsession in life, reaching the success in work, or anything. But without self control, one can think about job at the bedtime, while at the work he’s fall asleep because of the lack of sleep at the night before because thinking about the job. Or, maybe he successful at the job, but his son grows up as a rebellious man because he never spend enough time with his family. Having self control means that putting everything in it’s own proper place. When it’s time for job, then do the job. When it’s time for sleep, then sleep properly. Mixing it up won’t help your day even a bit.

This three principles has slowly become my daily principles now, for this three principles is very simple, but yet some fail to do all of them simply because they don’t see the necessity to do that. Do this three principles, and you will slowly see your life is changing.

What’s your own success recipe? Do you have a different your own recipe? Feel free to share your thought in the comments.

PS: The illustration picture above is click-able, and will bring you to the original site where I found that picture, complete with the original author explanation of the picture, which I found heartwarming. 🙂


6 comments on “The Basic Recipe of Success

  1. i can summarize it further in one sentence:
    set a goal, pursue it relentlessly, and manage your effort wisely.


    • wkwk. that’s too much summary in one sentence! XDD
      oh yeah, the fiction new chapter. I already wrote it, but still at draft status. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. =)

  2. Vision, evaluation, and self-control. That’s a nice mix for your recipe to succeed.

    I’m sure the people around you are already having a taste of your sweet success bit by bit. 🙂

    • Thank you, but my journey to the success realm is likely still very far away. I have very much things to learn everyday, because the more I learn, the more I feel I don’t know anything. 🙂 Have a success day!

  3. By the way, how did you add the part “About Martin Tjandra” after each post? 😉

    Is that part of the theme you’re using or did you adjust something in the settings? I’d like to have it too in my posts.

    • I don’t really know how to “add” it. I’ve already just roaming around the whole settings to find out, and didn’t found any “switch” to turn it on or off. It’s just there from the start. But I do know where to set its content. It’s in users menu in the right column of the dashboard page, choose “my profile” submenu. There you can edit the settings, and — I hope — also the switch to put it on around it somewhere at your version of WordPress.

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