Blackberry Dev


Hello and welcome to my Blackberry dev tutorial pages. I know it’s a little bit too late, as Blackberry development is already at a mature stage these days. But I’m a newcomers in this Blackberry development, and while there’s abundance tutorial out there about Blackberry dev, I notices there’s a large gap tutorial between a very basic HelloWorld apps and the advanced docs. I myself is not a fast learner, and I need a step-by-step tutorial to be able to understand the workflow. I’m usually having a hard time to read the official documentation and user manuals. So I will try to post my findings here while I’m exploring the basics. I will try to arrange the posts neatly so you can try to learn step-by-step, or you want to jump right into what you want to do with the components. I don’t know if I will delve far into the learning, but there’s my two cents. You can use the menu on top of this site to get quick access of what you want. After I create quite some pages, maybe I will post some quick links on this page. Just hope that I’m not losing my motivation in the middle of the road! Haha. And do tell me what do you think about the tutorial. Is it hard to understand? Is it lack of clear examples? Just leave comments, and I’ll try my best to accomodate it if I can. Thank you!

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