Last Minute Call

I’ve never considered myself as a very religious guy. Sure, I’ve never smoking weed, I rarely got into a fight, and I consider myself a good boy to my old man. I go to Church regularly. But that’s it.

So imagine my confusion when suddenly the ceiling on my bedroom opened in front of me, and something.. with six wings.. came down and said, “The Lord is with you, Mighty Warriors!”

I shielded my eyes from the blinding light. “Who… who are you? Are you an angel?”

“Yes,” he opened the two wings that covered his face. “I come to bring you forth the news that you have been chosen as the savior of this world for the upcoming apocalypse.” I’m speechless.

“But who am I? I neither understand anything about apocalypse, nor the most holy person on earth!” my throat suddenly felt very hoarse.

“Fear not, mighty warrior. For God has chosen you, He must have known that you can do this.”

“So let me meet this.. God guy! At least let me ask Him directly, and let Him bless me!” I panicked.

The angel stayed in silence for almost a whole minute. “That’s the problem,” he finally spoke. “God is disappeared. Nobody knows where He is. So we somehow have to depend on you.”

I was stunned. “But.. but I..”

“Can you please hurry up a little bit?” he spoke in a little bit rush. “We’re fighting a losing battle against Lucifer, and he’s going to arrive here in a minute.”

And with terror on my face, I watch outside my window to see a black violent whirlwind with lightning coming down from the sky and going straight to my room.

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