Submit Site to Google Indexer Without Business Plan

As we know, Google removes Public URL Submission Tool last year. For change, they ask (force) website owner to use Google Search Console tool, which basically works the same, with some key differences:

  • You have to own the website. You cannot submit wild URL to Google anymore.
  • You actually have to submit XML sitemap to Google Index. You can’t just submit the root URL of your website anymore.
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MPAndroidChart Explained in Kotlin

I am new to Kotlin and Android programming, and somehow I have a hard time to find a really basic MPAndroidChart plugin explanation. Finally, I found the tutorial from the plugin writer himself. You can read it here.

But I want to rewrite the tutorial from a different point of view, and hope that it can help you (especially all the Android dev beginners) to understand about the concept in a better flow.

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GraphQL 101 Quick Start

GraphQL is the new database management from the Facebook team, which now outsourced. This article is a quick reference from what I’ve learned about it with autodidact. My article may miss some of the concepts as I can’t find a proper “for dummies” tutorial about GraphQL out there but should be sufficient for beginners as a stepping stone for more advanced concepts.

This GraphQL article is made using Graphcool as Server As A Service, and Apollo for the plugins. I’ll try to steer clear from a specific platform implementation, and just focused on GraphQL queries and mutations, as well as how to implement it in Apollo client. Feel free to skip over some steps if you’ve already done it.

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iOS Swift Troubleshooting: Cannot Load Underlying Module For

alamofire import error


You see an awesome cocoapod you want to include in your project. So you add a code to your podfile telling it to import the cocoapod, you run “pod install” on your terminal to begin the import process, and voila, the cocoapod now inserted to your project. But when you add the namespace “import framework” on top of your Swift file, Xcode said “Cannot Load Underlying Module For <Framework>”.

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Tax Amnesty Dengan Serba-serbi Kasusnya


English reader: This article is talking about tax amnesty that, by the time this article is written, is currently ongoing on Indonesia. This article is written in Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you.

Oke, jadi ceritanya gua barusan ikut workshop tentang tax amnesty. Ngga ada rencana mau ikut sih sebenarnya. Tetapi ternyata memang dapet banyak informasi yang menurut gua cukup berguna sih tentang apa itu sebenarnya tax amnesty, dan tentang perpajakan Indonesia pada umumnya. Ternyata gua yang merasa kira-kira cukup mengetahui apa itu tax amnesty, waktu ikut workshop nya, baru sadar kalau yah walaupun perkiraan gua tentang apa itu tax amnesty itu ngga jauh-jauh amat, tetapi ternyata ada detil-detil yang penting yang tidak akan gua ketahui kalau ngga ikut workshop ini. Tadi coba browsing di internet tentang beberapa detil pun juga tidak bisa nemu.

Nah, gua kan hobi nyatet nih. Jadi di sini mau sharing aja sih apa-apa aja tadi yang sempat gua catet. Moga-moga bisa berguna juga buat temen-temen ya. Siapa tahu ada yang seperti gua, punya feeling tahu apa itu tax amnesty, tapi ternyata tidak tahu. Lol. Dan juga sempat nyatet beberapa kasus-kasus tax amnesty, yang mungkin menarik untuk dipelajari, kali aja ada yang punya kasus yang sama. Btw, karena ini notes, mungkin tulisannya agak tidak keruan. Jadi mohon dimaklumi, diambil intinya saja, oke? 😀

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Bookmarks: How to Solve “Could Not Set Up iCloud Keychain” Issue



Apple was (is) notoriously eager to introduce yet another security layer for the iCloud. Yesterday, I was forced to change my iCloud password, which resulted in some login problem with all of my emails and built in social media accounts on my Mac, even though I have entered the correct password. So with the help of my friend, I decided to log my Mac out the iCloud, and then login back again. The log out process itself was a little bit complex in its own way, but finally I’m able to log out. Then I restart my Mac. After that, I log in my Mac again to the iCloud. The system then tried to activate iCloud features one by one. At the iCloud keychain section, iCloud sent an sms to a number that’s associated with my iCloud, which was a deactivated number. Crap. Trying to change the number itself gave me error “failed to change phone number”. I then tried to find some article to change that number, which I find it here: link.

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Bekerjalah Roh Kudus (GMS Live “I Declare”) Cover

I Declare

Alright, GMS Live “I Declare” Album has been out last Saturday. Feels like forever since I preordered that album. 😀 Here’s my rendition of “Bekerjalah Roh Kudus”, I’ve translated the song into English so for you who doesn’t speak Indonesian or want to know how this song looks like using English language, here it is. 🙂

Bekerjalah ya Roh Kudus

Roh Kudus hadir di sini
Pribadi yang menawan dan suci
Kurindu mendekat mengerti hatiMu
Berjalan dalam kehendakMu

Roh Kudus manis dan lembut
Penolong yang sejati dan suci
Kurindu mendekat mengerti hatiMu
Berjalan dalam kuasaMu

Bekerjalah ya Roh Kudus
Bertahtalah lebih lagi
UrapanMu, lawatanMu
Kaulah yang kuperlu
Kau terutama di hidupku

Holy Ghost You’re welcomed in this place
I stand in awe of Your glorious divine
How I long to draw near, and listen to Your heart
I want to walk my day in Your cause

Holy Ghost You captivate my heart
Divine Counselor You’re faithful and sincere
How I long to draw near, and listen to Your heart
I want to walk my life in Your power

Holy Spirit fall on this place
Be glorified and magnified
Your anointing overflows me
You are all that I need
Let You be the center of my life

How to Zoom Your iOS Simulator to Arbitrary Scale


How to do:

  1. Quit simulation if open.
  2. Open terminal (from spotlight for example, type terminal).
  3. Paste this next text to the terminal and press enter. Change the 0.4 to any scale you wish (with 0.4 equals to 40%).
    defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/ SimulatorWindowLastScale "0.4"
  4. Or alternatively, go to /Library/Preferences and edit file. Edit value for KEY SimulatorWindowLastScale to desired scale.

I was learning about developing app for iOS. Everything went smoothly so far, except that the iOS simulator display iPhone 6 plus screen which is larger than my MacBook Air screen, even at 50% zoom. I’ve been searching so far on the internet and every answer always saying the same thing: to use CMD+1, CMD+2, CMD+3 shortcut to change the zoom, which is not enough for me. Then I came across this brilliant answer which requires some kind of console command to do, but it did the job. But beware, the simulation display result might be a little jaggy.