Bekerjalah Roh Kudus (GMS Live “I Declare”) Cover

I Declare

Alright, GMS Live “I Declare” Album has been out last Saturday. Feels like forever since I preordered that album.😀 Here’s my rendition of “Bekerjalah Roh Kudus”, I’ve translated the song into English so for you who doesn’t speak Indonesian or want to know how this song looks like using English language, here it is.:)

Bekerjalah ya Roh Kudus

Roh Kudus hadir di sini
Pribadi yang menawan dan suci
Kurindu mendekat mengerti hatiMu
Berjalan dalam kehendakMu

Roh Kudus manis dan lembut
Penolong yang sejati dan suci
Kurindu mendekat mengerti hatiMu
Berjalan dalam kuasaMu

Bekerjalah ya Roh Kudus
Bertahtalah lebih lagi
UrapanMu, lawatanMu
Kaulah yang kuperlu
Kau terutama di hidupku

Holy Ghost You’re welcomed in this place
I stand in awe of Your glorious divine
How I long to draw near, and listen to Your heart
I want to walk my day in Your cause

Holy Ghost You captivate my heart
Divine Counselor You’re faithful and sincere
How I long to draw near, and listen to Your heart
I want to walk my life in Your power

Holy Spirit fall on this place
Be glorified and magnified
Your anointing overflows me
You are all that I need
Let You be the center of my life

How to Zoom Your iOS Simulator to Arbitrary Scale


How to do:

  1. Quit simulation if open.
  2. Open terminal (from spotlight for example, type terminal).
  3. Paste this next text to the terminal and press enter. Change the 0.4 to any scale you wish (with 0.4 equals to 40%).
    defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/ SimulatorWindowLastScale "0.4"
  4. Or alternatively, go to /Library/Preferences and edit file. Edit value for KEY SimulatorWindowLastScale to desired scale.

I was learning about developing app for iOS. Everything went smoothly so far, except that the iOS simulator display iPhone 6 plus screen which is larger than my MacBook Air screen, even at 50% zoom. I’ve been searching so far on the internet and every answer always saying the same thing: to use CMD+1, CMD+2, CMD+3 shortcut to change the zoom, which is not enough for me. Then I came across this brilliant answer which requires some kind of console command to do, but it did the job. But beware, the simulation display result might be a little jaggy.

Tutorial about Basic Implementation of Google Analytics with Multiple Trackers


I have recently tried to implement Google Analytics on a web I’m working on. And it has been an awful experience because there’s so little documentation for people who wants to use multiple trackers. I can’t give a thorough, detailed, and full of picture tutorial about this because that would cost so much time. But I’ll try to cover as much and as detailed as I can.

I’ll assume you know the basic common sense of the internet, have an at least very basic knowledge about Javascript.

Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics? In short, this is a free statistic service offered by Google to analyze the visitors behavior your website. This service can record everything you supply, from how much a page is opened, to what page element the user interacted with, for example, how many the play video button is clicked. Some people finds statistic boring, but in the hands of people who understand statistic, these data can be used to inform which part of the website needs to be improved, or need focus. For example, if we can get the data that user click 1000 times on promotion A banner, and 5000 times on promotion B banner, then that means promotion B banner is more interesting, thus we need more promotion like promotion B than promotion A.

Google Analytics (GA) vs Universal Analytics (UA)

Google Analytics (ga.js) is the obsolete and out of date implementation. The Universal Analytics (analytics.js) is the new and modern implementation. Both developed by Google, and both are Google Analytics. Mindblown? Me too. But just refer them as ga.js and analytics.js, and people around the world will know which one you’re talking about. For this tutorial, we will stick to the newest implementation, analytics.js.

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Money Can’t Buy Everything — But Still Important


There’s an ongoing symptoms in the midst of Christian believers nowadays, and its name is Chrometophobia, or fear of money. In this case, it’s not actually fear, but rather, dislikes. The Christian is taught about “for the money is the root of all evil” law, therefore people tends to stay away from activity that can gave them label “money digger”. People feels guilty when they collect money more than what he thought he need. Sorry, did you notice that I wrote the law wrong? Correct. I was deliberately wrote it wrong. The correct one is “for the love of money is the root of all evil”. It’s not the money that is wrong, but it’s our attitude toward the money that can make it the root of all evil. People sometimes giving up opportunities and saying “I dislikes money. It’s the root of all evil,” kind of things. But actually, more often than not, it’s because they’re covering up for their lack of motivation by giving excuses that looks religious.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai, My Old Job, and My New Cover (Aku Percaya)

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai – Happy Chinese New Year!

Hello everybody and Happy Chinese New Year! Or should I say, Gong Xi Fa Cai? And some people even say Zhongguo Xinnian (Zhongguo = Chinese, Xin = New, Nian = Year). I’m not that fluent in Chinese language, but I understand some common terms, and this is a very common terms between Chinese people, even if they can’t speak Chinese.

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Yet Another Cover for GMS Kupercaya Mujizat: Trima Kasih

Kupercaya Mujizat

Kupercaya Mujizat

Wow, this is the third cover for this GMS Kupercaya Mujizat album. This song is actually the first new song that I heard sung in the sunday service. So this song is the one that started to make me feel excited about this album. I actually have tried several times making the cover for this song, but always ended up in failure. I feel this song is harder to cover than the previous two songs. I don’t know, I guess I add too much complexity into the cover, and with this kind of traditional cover, once you do mistake, you have to re-roll the camera from the beginning, which is slightly annoying. I even tried to make cover using piano, but when I review it again, the sound of the piano was very loud, and my voice kind of drown in between the piano notes. So I fall back using the guitar again, as I emphasize on the lyric content for this cover. In this cover, as usual, I’ve translated the Indonesian lyric into English. But this time, it’s a loose translation. It means that it may not have the exact translation word per word, but I tried to capture the message of the lyrics, and use it to create English lyric with the same message, if not (I hope) more powerful. This one took me quite a while to make, so I hope you guys like it.:) Continue reading

Another Cover for Kupercaya Mujizat: Holy Spirit

Kupercaya Mujizat

Kupercaya Mujizat

Well, well, well, who knows that I can be this hyped about this? I decided that I’m going to do another cover for the album Kupercaya Mujizat that’s just recently got released. This song is actually has already quite popular inside Mawar Sharon Church, as this song has been sung for approximately two years in the services. But it never quite made into an album, simply just because the previous albums’ theme is not match with this song. But for this album, it’s a perfect match. Even SiEn Vanessa empower this song with her awesome voice. She added chinese lyrics part to the song, and I think, why not Indonesian then? So I went to utilize my rusty brain to once again put together Indonesian lyric translation for this song. For you who still don’t have this album, buy it. It even accompanied with miracle testimony book with the same title. You’ll get so much from just one single purchase of this album. Yes, I kinda endorse this album, but not because I have monetary gain for it. I don’t, not even one penny. But I don’t want you to miss the blessing you’ll receive through this album. Continue reading

It’s Finally Out: Kupercaya Mujizat

It’s already here!

It's already here!

It’s already here!

Okay, I’m usually have normal level of excitement when it’s about new album from Mawar Sharon Church. But for this album, I’m super hyped. I’ve preorder this album since December last year, and I just got it last night! This album is about the songs that I bet will be sung a lot at Festival Kuasa Allah (God’s Power Festival), a healing crusade that’s regularly be held by Mawar Sharon Church. But I’m especially hyped for this album because album like this is usually hits home to me. This kind of all-worship album is awesome and matched to my preference. But it’s not just that. It’s also the theme that it brings, and the song list that I just love so much.

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How to Raise an Independent Adult

triplet baby shirt

Goodbye 2014, welcome 2015! 2014 has been quite an adventure for me, and frankly it’s an exhausting one. Many things have already happened. But most of all, the best thing that ever happened to me is the introduction to three little babies (well, technically, it’s three little fetuses) inside their mommy’s tummy, which is happened to be my wife. Yes, she’s expecting triplets! I have shared this information ambiguously on Facebook, but I want to open the announcement now. She’s now in for four months. It has been ups and downs and problems, but right now, everything is okay with the pregnancy. I hope everything will be okay until the labor, because I’m so excited for them. We have been very careful for them this time. I don’t want to lose them again like the first pregnancy, where my wife lost her 1 month pregnancy last year. So, please pray for me guys.:)

Now that we’re talking about triplets, yes I know the future will be a hard path, having three little babies at the same time, crying at the same time, feeding them at the same time, and triple the cost of everything. But above all, I consider this as an honor that God trusted me with triplet at once, instead of one at a time, and I want to be thankful for all the gift God has given to me. And I hope I can update this blog more often to tell the story of my parenthood and the children in the future. I hope that would be an awesome way for them to know my way of thinking once they have been grown up. I’ll try to record my thought in this blog, and probably some of their future photos. I’ll let them know that even before they’re born, we the parents have already thought about them so much. This kind of reflection is always kinda lost in the process of life, and the children will never know that. So, for this first post in 2015, I will start with my personal note for my future parenting. I love to learn about philosophy and psychology, and parenting actually my most favorite topic on psychology. I’ve quite looking about parenting tips for months, well, even years, before I even married, so I hope you guys can get something from this too. This time, let’s talk about how to raise our children so that they can be an independent adult.

How to Raise an Independent Adult

Parenting means not raising children, but raising future adults. So many parents done this wrong, and their children becomes a spoiled king or queen and took everything for granted, which will be very bad for their future. So you have to keep in mind that they need to be proper independent adults, not overgrown children who keep dependent on you. And that means:

1. Mean what you say, and say what you mean, even if it’s unpleasant for you and them. Once you say no video games on school day, that rule must be applied whatever the situation. Once you say no ice cream today because of their health issue, they mustn’t get ice cream today, no matter how much they cry for that. Children will obey you more if you are consistent, and that in turn helps you to shape them into better persons. Let them know that there’s no other choice than being a better person.

2. Let the children do their house chores. Teaching the children to do the chores, instead of do it by yourself, is actually more exhausting. Many parents do all the house chores by themselves not because they don’t want their children to suffer, but because they need to double the effort from teaching the children how to do the chores, and still get the chores done. But the result will be worth it. All the pride because the children can do something on their own will boost their confidence. Actually, the more the children involved in house chores, the more they will have good manner outside and inside home. And no money reward involved in house chores.

3. Let the children understand that it’s normal to putting effort for something they want. There are no shortcuts. Well, maybe there are, but mostly, shortcut only available when seen from the right angle, and to have the right angle, they will also still have to work for it. So there’s nothing wrong with putting some effort for it. It’s a common thing. They mustn’t allergic to work their butt off.

4. Let the children know that there’s nothing too complex that would be impossible to be done. There’s nothing too complex of fixing a car that we should stay away from it. There’s nothing too complex of cooking that we should avoid it. Children should learn how to do everything using their hands, that with their hands there’s nothing can’t be accomplished, so they will grow depending themselves on it, instead of depending on you, or always running to you whenever they have problems.

5. Punish them for their fault. Hard. But remind them that even in the punishment session, this serve to make them a better person, and you do this only because you love them. My mom always said to me, “If I were the pedicab driver’s son, she wouldn’t even mind to told me anything when I do any mistake.” Punishment brings uneasiness to both sides, as the Bible said, but after that, there’s a hidden treasure you’ve given to your children if you do it right. Teach a youth about the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

This link below inspire me to wrote this article.

So, do you have your own tips for parenting? Please put it in the comment section below.