Capturing Memories

I’m always affected by relationship with people. Being born as a true melancholy, relationship with people is what keeps me going. When I’m alone, I get depressed quickly, as I always be overwhelmed with negative thinking and get worried.

But even our closest people in our life always comes and goes. Even the best friends we had in high school slowly lost contact with us once we finished high school. All I have with me is just memories of how awesome our youth is, how warm the feeling is. But those memories also slowly fading away. Therefore, since entering college, I started to bring my camera everywhere I go. I did not want to miss any of those memories from my mind, as I feel I’ve revisit them anytime I seen those photos.

Now, I never feel too worried whenever it’s time to say goodbye to anybody closest to me, no matter where they’re going to go. My little camera can always capture the best final scene of us together before we parted. They’ll always live in my little camera screen. Sure, sometimes they bang behind the camera glass, but I’m sure someday they will understand. They get to live forever, after all. With me.

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