When You See It

I hate it. This is already the n-th of my submission in the ShortScaryStories on Reddit is deleted because it exceeds 275 words. I even already lost count of it. I’ve tried so hard to wrote a build up tension story, but I ended up exceeds the 275 words. But if I try to abide the 275 words limit, my story looks like still not fleshed out enough.

In my frustration, I tried to contact one of the account who usually came up in the comment to say “deleted because violates rule number 1” via private message. I tried to argue with him (or her?) why he can’t bend the rule and giving a little flexibility for, say, a 280 words post?

He hasn’t reply for some days. But then one day I got his short reply.

“We created this subreddit not without purpose, and those are not our rules. This is his home. Do you even know why the background of this subreddit is dark? So that it won’t obstruct his view when you read the stories.”

Posted at Reddit at Sep 13, 2014 | Return to the index


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