Being a hacker can get your hand on some fun and illegal things on the internet. One of my recent hobby with skill that I recently mastered is to crack CCTV, webcams, and even through people’s cellphone camera all around the world which connected to the internet. I can remotely activate it without the owner’s consent, and the device won’t even give any indication whatsoever. I could watch fun stuff of people’s life, and sometimes if I’m lucky, I can stumbles into delightful unexpected scenes as well. Well, so much for being a hacker. I basically have no life.

That night, I just got home from work. I felt mentally tired, and I think I need some entertainment. I turn up my computer, and immediately run some packet sniffing program to discover what devices connected to the internet and equipped with camera. I’m limiting my search query to only the device connected from my town. And, whoa.. I got more than one thousand devices hackable tonight. This is gonna be fun.

The first device on the list detected as a CCTV. I send some console command to bypass the administrator login, and the CCTV feeds turned up on my screen. It turns out to be a local mart. Uninteresting. I switched to the second device. Detected as a smartphone. Well, this maybe more interesting. I retrieve the open port, send some trojan virus, and voila, the screen shows up! It shows a guy from the back, sitting in front of a computer.


That’s the color of my shirt.

I immediately turned over when I suddenly feel a sharp pain on my head and everything went black.

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