A Cowboy Minister

I’m not an easy fan. Really.

I reality, I’m not easy to be pleased, or feel please. I may act like I’m pleased to get something over with, but somewhere inside my heart, I’m always not pleased with half-hearted work result, or a mediocre work standard.

But after last day I heard about this cowboy act of Mr. Dahlan Iskan, well, I finally actually said “This is the work ethos Indonesians can follow.” Dahlan Iskan suddenly become trending topic yesterday on twitter.

Dahlan Iskan is a minister of the Indonesia state owned enterprise, appointed at Oct 2011 replacing the previous minister that was ill. Previously he’s a director of the government’s electrical company, appointed at 2009. And before that, he’s an entrepreneur and a shareholder at a  national-scale newspaper. He also found local television broadcasting.

I was following his story this last decade, and I have a good impression about him. Well, maybe that’s mainly because I don’t have a really good third source of opinion other than from his writing in his newspaper, and his published books after a liver transplant. But as I read his words and thoughts, he seems to have an integrity throughout all of what he said. All is connected to each other.

Well, my father often said that do not trust someone only from their words. And I guess that is true. Until last day when I heard he get mad because of the long queue at the Jakarta Semanggi Highway gate. And throw the chair of the late officers. And opened the gate and give approximately 100 car into the highway free.

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