Tax Amnesty Dengan Serba-serbi Kasusnya


English reader: This article is talking about tax amnesty that, by the time this article is written, is currently ongoing on Indonesia. This article is written in Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you.

Oke, jadi ceritanya gua barusan ikut workshop tentang tax amnesty. Ngga ada rencana mau ikut sih sebenarnya. Tetapi ternyata memang dapet banyak informasi yang menurut gua cukup berguna sih tentang apa itu sebenarnya tax amnesty, dan tentang perpajakan Indonesia pada umumnya. Ternyata gua yang merasa kira-kira cukup mengetahui apa itu tax amnesty, waktu ikut workshop nya, baru sadar kalau yah walaupun perkiraan gua tentang apa itu tax amnesty itu ngga jauh-jauh amat, tetapi ternyata ada detil-detil yang penting yang tidak akan gua ketahui kalau ngga ikut workshop ini. Tadi coba browsing di internet tentang beberapa detil pun juga tidak bisa nemu.

Nah, gua kan hobi nyatet nih. Jadi di sini mau sharing aja sih apa-apa aja tadi yang sempat gua catet. Moga-moga bisa berguna juga buat temen-temen ya. Siapa tahu ada yang seperti gua, punya feeling tahu apa itu tax amnesty, tapi ternyata tidak tahu. Lol. Dan juga sempat nyatet beberapa kasus-kasus tax amnesty, yang mungkin menarik untuk dipelajari, kali aja ada yang punya kasus yang sama. Btw, karena ini notes, mungkin tulisannya agak tidak keruan. Jadi mohon dimaklumi, diambil intinya saja, oke? ūüėÄ

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Jokowi is President!

Post ini saya dedikasikan untuk kemenangan Jokowi-JK pada pemilihan langsung Presiden 2014.
Hari-hari pemilu telah lewat, bukan berarti perjuangan berakhir.
Justru peperangan baru saja dimulai. Peperangan melawan korupsi, ketidakadilan, kemiskinan.
Perjuangan melawan kemalasan, diskriminasi, kebodohan.

Saya bersyukur berakhirnya pemilu menandakan kemenangan rakyat Indonesia.
Namun saat ini kami akan mengawal bapak menjalankan setiap amanat yang telah diberikan.
Tetaplah berjalan di jalan yang lurus, tuntunlah Indonesia di jalur yang tulus.
Dengarlah suara rakyat, berpegang pada konstitusi, dan tetaplah mengabdi pada Tuhan.
Maka kami rakyat Indonesia akan siap mengawal anda kemanapun anda pergi.
Sebab Indonesia tidak dapat dibangun hanya oleh satu dua orang saja,
tetapi bersama-sama seluruh rakyat Indonesia.

Selamat atas kemenangannya, sebab kemenangan anda, kemenangan kami pula.
Sambutlah Jokowi – Jusuf Kalla, Presiden dan Wakil Presiden Indonesia 2014!

This post is dedicated to celebrate the elected President-Vice President Jokowi – Jusuf Kalla in the Indonesian presidential election of 2014.
The day of election is passed. But that doesn’t mean the battle is over.
The war has just begun. War against corruption, injustice, poor.
Battle against laziness, discrimination, lack of education.

I’m grateful to God for the end result of the election.
But starting today, we will escort and put our eyes on how you run this country.
Stay straight, stay true, guide us in the solemn path.
Only then we the people of Indonesia will escort and follow you wherever you go.
Because Indonesia can’t be build by just one or two people,
But together as a whole nation we must hand in hand building our country.

Congratulations for the election, because your victory is our victory too.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Joko Widodo – Mr. Jusuf Kalla, the President and Vice President of Indonesia 2014!

Mengapa Saya Memilih Jokowi

This post is in Indonesian language, as it is talking about current Indonesian politic season. English readers please scroll to the bottom of the article for summary of this post in English.

Pemilu Presiden tinggal sekitar 20 hari lagi. Dan telah banyak hingar bingar pendukung presiden dari kedua kubu saling menyuarakan opininya. Sejujurnya, ini Pemilu pertama yang saya ikuti dengan seksama. Selama ini saya kalau Pemilu memang selalu menggunakan hak pilih saya, tetapi saya tidak pernah mendalami rekam jejak, kualitas, dan karakter dari orang yang hendak saya pilih. Pilihan biasanya saya buat dalam lima detik sebelum mencoblos.

Tapi pada tahun ini, keadaan berubah, karena pilihan kandidat tidak terlalu banyak, dan karena para kandidat semuanya adalah media darling pada saat ini. Masing-masing kandidat memiliki pendukung fanatik sendiri-sendiri, dan semua aktivitas mereka semakin “melengkapi” (kalau tidak bisa disebut “membiaskan”) fakta-fakta dan informasi yang ada di lapangan, sementara media pun jaman sekarang banyak yang sudah condong ke salah satu kandidat.

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A Slice of Web

Hello for my fellows out there! Maybe some of you have realized that I was very slow in writing new posts these days. The reason are not just only I’ve been busy (I know it’s just an alibi to myself to procrastinate), but also because I still don’t have a good inspiration to write something. I have around 10 posts in the draft, but in the end, I didn’t finished them because I always lost the drive in the middle. It’s like I immediately felt that what I was wrote isn’t good enough. Yeah, that’s just some part of me being a Melancholy person. Always tried to strive for perfection that in the end didn’t do anything because I always felt what I’m gonna do won’t good enough. ūüôā

But right now, it seems I always wanted to write many short blogs, sort of “microblogging”, but I don’t like to use Twitter because of its limitation (140 char! My text messages always longer than that!). I also wants to bookmarks and shares so many cool websites I’ve found, but I think I don’t want to “pollute” this blog with many random short posts and bookmarks. I also don’t want to use¬†Pinterest, Tumblr, Delicious, or any other services to share those websites. I have tried some of them, but I still lack the feeling of “sharing”. It’s like I didn’t “own” my sharing. I’m not trying to “own” the intellectual property that I shared. I just want a better authority management of my posts and shares, including its design and layout.¬†Therefore, I’ve decided to give birth to one more blog, the “Slice of Web“. The Slice of Web blog will serve as my container for short and random posts and cool websites bookmark, while this blog will still serve as my main blog of high-quality posts. I will use all of the blog writing tools that I always wanted to use. So, you now will have flavors to choose. Go to the Slice of Web for short, random, frequently updated blog, or go to Life in a Nutshell for thoughtful, less updated blog. Don’t worry, I’ll still update this blog. Everytime I want to write a long post, I will always turned to this blog. In fact, I hope that after this Slice of Web is active, I will have back my passion for post long, thoughtful posts like before. You can also find the link to the Slice of Web blog at the top of this blog. See you around!

Visit: Slice of Web

A Cowboy Minister

I’m not an easy fan. Really.

I reality, I’m not easy to be pleased, or feel please. I may act like I’m pleased to get something over with, but somewhere inside my heart, I’m always not pleased with half-hearted work result, or a mediocre work standard.

But after last day I heard about this cowboy act of Mr. Dahlan Iskan, well, I finally actually said “This is the work ethos Indonesians can follow.” Dahlan Iskan suddenly become trending topic yesterday on twitter.

Dahlan Iskan is a minister of the Indonesia state owned enterprise, appointed at Oct 2011 replacing the previous minister that was ill. Previously he’s a director of the government’s electrical company, appointed at 2009. And before that, he’s an¬†entrepreneur and a shareholder at a ¬†national-scale newspaper. He also found local television broadcasting.

I was following his story this last decade, and I have a good impression about him. Well, maybe that’s mainly because I don’t have a really good third source of opinion other than from his writing in his newspaper, and his published books after a liver transplant. But as I read his words and thoughts, he seems to have an integrity throughout all of what he said. All is connected to each other.

Well, my father often said that do not trust someone only from their words. And I guess that is true. Until last day when I heard he get mad because of the long queue at the Jakarta Semanggi Highway gate. And throw the chair of the late officers. And opened the gate and give approximately 100 car into the highway free.

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Earthquake 6,8 SR in Bali!

Image courtesy BMKG with modification

There was an earthquake happening this morning at 10.16pm at GMT +7 (11.16pm at local time, GMT +8), approximately 150km southeast of Denpasar, at 6.8 SR according to BMKG (6,1 SR according to USGS), around Nusa Dua islands.

The earthquake effect is not huge, but the earth was trembling hard enough to make people panic and rushed outside the buildings and hospitals, schools sent students home, building walls was cracked, ceiling was falling, and window glass is shattered. The tremor felt hard at Jimbaran and Kuta. There’s no Tsunami warning from BMKG (an earthquake detection national agent in Indonesia) as they think that would be very unlikely to happen. But they asked peoples to stay alert.

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Recap of Aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

I have created two pages to host about the very first day of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, and aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. But now I find that the details is hard to be followed, now I created a recap page to continuing what I found and noted about the disaster. Don’t worry, I won’t leave important details.

What happened so far in my blog above and yesterday before recap?

The Nuclear Power Plant

So far, it has been reported before that the coolant sistem in Fukushima-Daiichi (Fukushima 1) and Fukushima-Daini (Fukushima 2) power plant has been failed. Government have already evacuated peoples within 3km radius, then extended to 10km radius, and there is plan to extend the radius further to 20km. Any attempt to reduce it’s temperature is failed. Then suddenly there were explosion on the Fukushima 1. Radiation material (caesium) has already detected at 20-fold times higher than normal, and to be exposed to that level of radiation for 1 hour is just like exposed to normal radiation for 1 years. It has been reported that 3 peoples are exposed to the radiation. But many officials believe that there is no danger to be feared of. Japan nuclear accident rated 4 on 0-7 scale rate for now.

The Refugees Condition

So far, there are so many aftershocks and new earthquakes from different locations in Japan. People rushing to buy key food stock from local store. Long queue is sighted at every petrol stations, with waiting line at least for 5 hours. People have to walk 5 hours for 20km to get home. But now, looks like Taxi and train now started to operation again. Now the climate is extremely cold, with thick snow spotted on the ground. Electricity still hasn’t got to normal. People advised to conserve energy. Communication still crammed. Food store is ran out of key ingredients. There are also food store that give away cheap foods.

The Search and Rescue

So far, the Japanese International Red Cross and many other organisation is actively helping the refugees and searching for people that still trapped under the debris. SAR attempts must be done in very careful way because of the aftershocks that can make debris fall and also trap the SAR teams. Death toll reported to reach 687, with 650 people missing. There are many military now in the road, going to the places needs help.

The World Response

So far, at least 50-60 countries have expressed condolence on the tragedy that happened in Japan. President Barrack Obama has already called by himself. Pope Benedict XVI also has expressed his condolence. Every country has offer every help they can. The SAR team from Korean was the first to touchdown in Japan. Russia says they will increase coal and LNG supply if necessary.

The Economic Impact

So far, Yen Exchange Rate and Nikkei Stock Exchange has dropped to a very low level. At that time, it recorded to touch the level of 1 USD = 81.815 JPY.

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Aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Huge Tsunami slams Japan ashore yesterday. Click to open the news source.

This is the record of the second day onwards of the Japan Earthquake. For you who just joining or want to review what happened yesterday, you can see the (semi) live report here.

To see the recap and continuing of this story in prose, see here.

Here is the important recap of what happened after my last posting yesterday that I gathered from all news source.

(day +1) Jakarta 00.40 (UTC +07.00), Japan 02.40 (UTC +09.00):

The government started to allow the people to going home. People still trying to buy food, but the Supermarket were closed. No electricity, water, or gas. There were very much aftershock going on last night. US Geological Survey said that at least 45 tremor happened after my last update yesterday. Some of them are higher than magnitude of 6. One even reach magnitude of 6.6! I wonder how those people can even sleep under these shaking condition? The tremor is coming periodically every 15 minutes.

(day +1) Jakarta 00.50, Japan 02.50:

The first waves from the Tsunami arrived at US mainland along Oregon Coast. President Obama during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Naoto Kan, he expressed American people’s deepest condolences, especially to victims and their families. He also offer whatever help is needed.

Tsunami warnings have issued across the Pacific coast of US. President Obama said that today’s event reminded us how fragile we are, and that we are going to stand out with Japanese people to help them rebuild and recover.

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Earthquake Hit Japan! And Everywhere!

14.40 (UTC +07.00)

I’m still in a informal meeting with my workmate, when somebody pointing at the TV screen and said “Earthquake hit Japan!” We immediately rushing to the television, and witness with our own eyes LIVE that a huge Tsunami is rolling into Japan, because of the 8.9 SR earthquake. I see Narita airport drowned, residential places is just a pile of rubbish now. People panicked, more smaller earthquake happens periodically. They hold on in the roof of their home or their company building. Smokes coming out from tall buildings, and fires everywhere. All of this is happen because of a giant earthquake that’s 400 kilometers away from Japan! Now I see waters flowing everywhere like a gigantic sea in the residence and office area.

While I’m watching the television right now writing this blog post in lightning speed, something comes up on the screen. It’s “peringatan dini Tsunami dari Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika” or “early warning of Tsunami from Indonesian Agency for Meteorology and Climatology” that there is a chance that Indonesia will get caught in Tsunami also, notable in Jakarta, Singaraja, and Bali. Surabaya, the place where I live, is not in the list, but we still need to be cautious. In the TV, it’s stated that Tsunami can reach to Eastern part of Indonesia.

This is very terrible news. Last night, I heard that Bali got rocked by earthquake from the Nusa Tenggara Barat. It’s now getting scary. Let’s pray that no further earthquake will happen. I’ll keep you updated.

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