A Slice of Web

Hello for my fellows out there! Maybe some of you have realized that I was very slow in writing new posts these days. The reason are not just only I’ve been busy (I know it’s just an alibi to myself to procrastinate), but also because I still don’t have a good inspiration to write something. I have around 10 posts in the draft, but in the end, I didn’t finished them because I always lost the drive in the middle. It’s like I immediately felt that what I was wrote isn’t good enough. Yeah, that’s just some part of me being a Melancholy person. Always tried to strive for perfection that in the end didn’t do anything because I always felt what I’m gonna do won’t good enough. 🙂

But right now, it seems I always wanted to write many short blogs, sort of “microblogging”, but I don’t like to use Twitter because of its limitation (140 char! My text messages always longer than that!). I also wants to bookmarks and shares so many cool websites I’ve found, but I think I don’t want to “pollute” this blog with many random short posts and bookmarks. I also don’t want to use Pinterest, Tumblr, Delicious, or any other services to share those websites. I have tried some of them, but I still lack the feeling of “sharing”. It’s like I didn’t “own” my sharing. I’m not trying to “own” the intellectual property that I shared. I just want a better authority management of my posts and shares, including its design and layout. Therefore, I’ve decided to give birth to one more blog, the “Slice of Web“. The Slice of Web blog will serve as my container for short and random posts and cool websites bookmark, while this blog will still serve as my main blog of high-quality posts. I will use all of the blog writing tools that I always wanted to use. So, you now will have flavors to choose. Go to the Slice of Web for short, random, frequently updated blog, or go to Life in a Nutshell for thoughtful, less updated blog. Don’t worry, I’ll still update this blog. Everytime I want to write a long post, I will always turned to this blog. In fact, I hope that after this Slice of Web is active, I will have back my passion for post long, thoughtful posts like before. You can also find the link to the Slice of Web blog at the top of this blog. See you around!

Visit: Slice of Web


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