Earthquake 6,8 SR in Bali!

Image courtesy BMKG with modification

There was an earthquake happening this morning at 10.16pm at GMT +7 (11.16pm at local time, GMT +8), approximately 150km southeast of Denpasar, at 6.8 SR according to BMKG (6,1 SR according to USGS), around Nusa Dua islands.

The earthquake effect is not huge, but the earth was trembling hard enough to make people panic and rushed outside the buildings and hospitals, schools sent students home, building walls was cracked, ceiling was falling, and window glass is shattered. The tremor felt hard at Jimbaran and Kuta. There’s no Tsunami warning from BMKG (an earthquake detection national agent in Indonesia) as they think that would be very unlikely to happen. But they asked peoples to stay alert.

People rush outside the building after the earthquake (Image courtesy

The earthquake also felt in places two to three times further. Places reported to felt the earthquake is Lombok (1.3x further), Nusa Tenggara Barat (2x further), even to Madura, Jember, Blitar, Surabaya, and Malang in East Java Island (3x further).

At 12pm local time, the people are already entered their workplace building to resume their work hours. There’s no electricity outage and communication disruption reported. But it’s reported that there are electric wires severed. And right after the earthquake, all communication channel is down for a few moments. But now they have already all back online. No dead victims reported so far, although there’s at least 50 injured people treated reported at the Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar. They’re commonly injured at their head because of some debris fall at the earthquake.

Carrefour building that was damaged after the earthquake (Image courtesy

According to BNPB (Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana / Indonesia Disaster Relief Agent) by, the earthquake has damaged three schools, two official buildings, one hospital, and one supermarket. 17 people injured reported. The Denpasar officials stated that they will cover all injuries treatment cost for all the victims.

There is news floating around about BMKG saying that people are advised to stay alert for the possibilities of the aftershock of Earthquake. But up until this time, there’s no aftershock reported.

Although Bali has experienced regular earthquake, there are several very destructive earthquake happened in Bali over the last hundred years. The destructive earthquakes happened in Gejer Bali (1815), Bangli (1977), Seririt (1976), and Karangasem (1979, 2004). They already took thousands of lives.

I’ll keep you informed, but I think there’s no real danger involved. Let’s pray for Bali so that it stay that way.

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