When Virtual Become Reality (and Vice Versa)

There’s this thing — I’ve been playing this game for more than two weeks now, an online, browser based game, much like Travian. Only better. I never play Travian, but my friend who ever play Travian, does say so. The game is called Lord of Ultima (abbrv. LOU).

There’s nothing weird about this game. Well, maybe I have to say I’m a little bit addicted to this game, but still within my acceptable limit. This game is slow paced. That enables me to leave this game for a while after queuing some orders that can be done while I’m not around. So this game still doesn’t steal my real live precious time. It’s so slow that I even spent more time to joined in my guild’s discussion forum than in the game itself. Yes, this is just another browser based massive multiplayer online games, and everything is normal about this game.

But there was something interesting a few days ago when the scheduled maintenance kicking in. For a newbie player like me, I’ve never experienced a scheduled maintenance in LOU, so this is my first time. In the website, it says that the site will be back online in 1 hour, please join in twitter and facebook discussion page. That’s still normal.

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First Come, First Served

I haven’t write for a very long time in this blog, but right now I can write blog from my phone, so I’ll give it a try. 🙂

Right now, I’m in the bank, waiting for my turn. I’m looking at my waiting number. 38. Looking at the current waiting number. 30. Sigh. That’s still a long time to go. There’s still 7 persons before me to be served before my turn is arrived.

“Queue number 31, please come to the counter.”

It’s still at 31st. Still very long. Lol. If I wanted to be served earlier, then I have to come earlier too.

There’s one aspect that many people, including me, short of: the discipline to queuing. We come later, but wanted to be served earlier. We started later, but wanted to be succeed earlier. The ‘miracle’ does happen time after time, but don’t expect that it will happened often. Life usually doesn’t work like that. Do a good start, to have a smooth end.

“Queue number 32, please come to the counter.”

It’s silent and quiet, while I’m writing this post.

“Queue number 33.”

I raised my head. Where is the 32nd?

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A Huge Life Change

Hello, I’m back. Haha. After a very very long time without a post, now I’m trying to give a little thought about what to share with all you guys.

Anyway, I’m facing a very huge changes in my life in the recent months, specifically at April to June, and I think, the episodes is still to be continued. Hahaha. I’m facing very much problems, problems with friends, problems at work, economic problems, and everything. Even another relatives died approximately a week ago. My father’s sister, to be exact. So within 2 months, 3 of my relatives were died. But I believe if I’m still standing right here, it’s not all because of me, but because the work of the Greater being within me. 🙂

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