First Come, First Served

I haven’t write for a very long time in this blog, but right now I can write blog from my phone, so I’ll give it a try. ๐Ÿ™‚

Right now, I’m in the bank, waiting for my turn. I’m looking at my waiting number. 38. Looking at the current waiting number. 30. Sigh. That’s still a long time to go. There’s still 7 persons before me to be served before my turn is arrived.

“Queue number 31, please come to the counter.”

It’s still at 31st. Still very long. Lol. If I wanted to be served earlier, then I have to come earlier too.

There’s one aspect that many people, including me, short of: the discipline to queuing. We come later, but wanted to be served earlier. We started later, but wanted to be succeed earlier. The ‘miracle’ does happen time after time, but don’t expect that it will happened often. Life usually doesn’t work like that. Do a good start, to have a smooth end.

“Queue number 32, please come to the counter.”

It’s silent and quiet, while I’m writing this post.

“Queue number 33.”

I raised my head. Where is the 32nd?

“Queue number 34.”

Oh wow, I think. Talking about miracle, it does happened once in a time.

“Queue number 35.”

And twice! I almost jumped in joy. And immediately sit down and calmed myself again after the 35th person stand up and going to the counter.

Today I also learnt that maybe many people start with a good start. They started earlier, they dream big, but then they left half of the way. They never finished what they started. And no matter how good your start is, if you never finish it, it will never comes true.

Maybe you’ve ever started to have your own small garden in your backyard. Maybe you’ve started a freelance job, or maybe it’s just as simple as me, having a blog by which I can share my way of view and blessed the other with inspiration. But like all the others, we can lost our way in our cause. I wasn’t updating this blog in months, because of my busy activities. But it’s now up to us to whether we will finish what we started, or leave it as it is, and waiting for it to expire, all of our hard work, that we’ve started with good will and good dream.

Today, let’s not forget what’s our dream was. And today it’s not too late to chase and reach for it. Whatever it was, I believe it’s still within our reach, if we want to work hard to make up for the lost time.

“Queue number 38, please come to the counter.”

Ouw, that’s my cue. ๐Ÿ™‚ see you later. And share what you have in mind, or maybe what you’ve dreamt of, and you would like to finished it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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