First Come, First Served

I haven’t write for a very long time in this blog, but right now I can write blog from my phone, so I’ll give it a try. 🙂

Right now, I’m in the bank, waiting for my turn. I’m looking at my waiting number. 38. Looking at the current waiting number. 30. Sigh. That’s still a long time to go. There’s still 7 persons before me to be served before my turn is arrived.

“Queue number 31, please come to the counter.”

It’s still at 31st. Still very long. Lol. If I wanted to be served earlier, then I have to come earlier too.

There’s one aspect that many people, including me, short of: the discipline to queuing. We come later, but wanted to be served earlier. We started later, but wanted to be succeed earlier. The ‘miracle’ does happen time after time, but don’t expect that it will happened often. Life usually doesn’t work like that. Do a good start, to have a smooth end.

“Queue number 32, please come to the counter.”

It’s silent and quiet, while I’m writing this post.

“Queue number 33.”

I raised my head. Where is the 32nd?

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The Basic Recipe of Success

For every successful man, there is always a woman supporting behind.

It’s funny how I always suddenly came with a blog post inspiration after a mellow session of my life. I am a melancholic phlegmatic person, and I have this strange syndrome to abruptly entered melancholy mode when the memories of past lifetime suddenly come to haunt. Well, not exactly. But anyway, that makes me thinking over a subject that maybe everyone has already know about, but never thought it in a deeper way, or in some way, in a simpler way. But I prefer to not have to walk down towards the path of melancholy before finally grabbing onto some enlightening. 🙂 Today, let’s talk about success. You all probably have known about success, and may even have your own definition about it. But let’s give ourselves a break and discuss it from a different point of view, shall we?

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