Temperament Theory – Does It Really Matter?

Can you guess what temperament each of the picture depicts?

“I’m a Choleric person,” my friend once said. “That means I can’t delay whatever I wanted to say. If I saw something wrong, I have to make it right, now, with my way.” he told me with a glaring eyes. His index finger tapping all the time in the canteen table while he’s communicating his mind, making sure I’m not some lab monkey that wouldn’t understand each of his words.

“Whoa, whoa, take it easy pal. It’s not me you’re angry of.” I raised my hand before he done anything further and accidentally spill anything. “By the way, are you sure it will be okay?”

“Sure it will.” he take a sip on his lemonade juice. “It works every time I got someone lazy and slow in my group. You have to try it sometimes, to tell them that they cannot go easy on you.”

“But not everybody has your way of thinking. And not everybody is as tough as you. How you’ll take responsibility if one of them undergo a mental breakdown if you’ve done too hard on them?”

“Don’t worry, they won’t. Even if they are, I’ll take responsibility. If the situation can’t be repaired, I’ll just replace the man. It’s easy.”

“But even then, wouldn’t it better to do it in such a way that minimized the risk, than repair the damage later? Maybe you should take a look at your surrounding. Nobody uses that authoritarian way of life anymore.”

“Well, I can’t change. I won’t change! Why should I change?” he’s raising his eyebrows.

“And that is because…?”

“Well,” he paused for a brief moment, “Because I’m a Choleric person. And that’s what a Choleric person do. I can’t be anything else! That would not be.. me!”

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Top 10 of My Favorite Youtube Channel 2011

Okay, this is not an ordinary post like always, but lately, I’ve been very active in Youtube than ever. I watched many videos in my free time, and found out some channels that might interest you guys. Maybe in the future post, I may write some posts to share and comment about videos I found interesting at Youtube, but I’ll try to keep the number low. 🙂

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Beauty and The Mess

I was in a very busy schedule this week. It’s a shame, because in this week, I got a special date. Well, it’s not that special anyway, as I managed to hide that date from Facebook since the start I create Facebook, for “security” reason. 🙂 And I like to have it that way: the people who know it, it is the people who really knows you and being around you right now. It’s not that the others is an ignorant or not a good friend — it just serve as an indicator.

But for them to pulling a successful birthday trick, is not just a matter of whether you still keep in contact with them or not. For some people who really giving the effort to create a surprise for your birthday party, they have to go through a lot. And it seems kinda rare nowadays, isn’t it? As the world becoming more and more individualistic, pulling birthday trick becomes rare. Sometimes, people just forgot to even say happy birthday. Well, for me, I can live with that. Because what’s a big deal of just saying birthday congratulation?

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