Beauty and The Mess

I was in a very busy schedule this week. It’s a shame, because in this week, I got a special date. Well, it’s not that special anyway, as I managed to hide that date from Facebook since the start I create Facebook, for “security” reason. πŸ™‚ And I like to have it that way: the people who know it, it is the people who really knows you and being around you right now. It’s not that the others is an ignorant or not a good friend — it just serve as an indicator.

But for them to pulling a successful birthday trick, is not just a matter of whether you still keep in contact with them or not. For some people who really giving the effort to create a surprise for your birthday party, they have to go through a lot. And it seems kinda rare nowadays, isn’t it? As the world becoming more and more individualistic, pulling birthday trick becomes rare. Sometimes, people just forgot to even say happy birthday. Well, for me, I can live with that. Because what’s a big deal of just saying birthday congratulation?

So, last night, I was having a meeting with my church cell group. Everything went fine. Someone leave earlier, rather in a hurry. The kind host was provided us with some supper, and then we all go home.

Well, THAT was in my mind. When I was coming out from the fence gate, suddenly I heard a splash behind my back and immediately wet. Cold and wet. I still doesn’t realize what’s going on, when I turned around and see someone who is NOT supposed to be there. Then I realize this is a birthday trick. I was tricked. I was tricked!! I was tricked into thinking that everything will be alright, and there will be no birthday surprise because of my tight schedule, forcing anyone which really want to surprise me, had to stay as late as 10pm just to catch up with me because that’s the time I arrive at home every night. And my cell group friends are not the type of people which can stay out too late at night. So I feel safe. With one person leaving earlier, I feel safer. And then that disaster suddenly comes. I got wet, and not even that, they continued to flush me with a bucket full of water, and even straight from the water hose, until I completely wet! Inside and outside!

After they lend me a pair of cloth to change, I take a picture of my tormentors.

The leftmost one is the one who sprayed me at the first time. The right one is the one that sprayed me with the water hose. The one that take the picture is the one that flushed me with a bucket full of water. Really a night full of torment.. After that I talked with them for a moment, and I know, which ones planning all of this, which ones contribute idea, which ones want to join but they can’t, and such. So I can re-imagining the discussion they had for days just to do this one hell shot of a surprise.

But it’s not all just about birthday trick. Some people have their own way to celebrate your birthday. With just staying and talking with you all night at your birthday eve, for example, they have shown that they care. So much ways to show how we care about someone in their birthday, and the most important thing is that they really care. It’s more than enough.

In these days of individualistic, these kind of activities are rarer and rarer, as people becoming more digital, and less human. Therefore, I can really savor days like this, as they become one monument of unforgettable memories that decorate your wall of history. As you pass through your life, and people around you change, you can look back, and can say “I really miss those days, I really miss them.” Thanks for decorating my wall of unforgettable memories. πŸ™‚


9 comments on “Beauty and The Mess

  1. hmm i guess everyone has their perspective on “torments” πŸ˜€
    I can’t understand why, when I had those similar trick on me long time ago, I was very2 angry and I did my best to keep my smile and act cool. After I can control my emotion, I told the mastermind that I hate having my face flushed, and it never happens again until now.

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