Top 10 of My Favorite Youtube Channel 2011

Okay, this is not an ordinary post like always, but lately, I’ve been very active in Youtube than ever. I watched many videos in my free time, and found out some channels that might interest you guys. Maybe in the future post, I may write some posts to share and comment about videos I found interesting at Youtube, but I’ll try to keep the number low. 🙂

So, the top 10 of my favorite Youtube Channel in 2011 are:

10. Insommusic

This is actually an account hosting many of the Indonesian music arranged in orchestra, titled “Harmony”. I love this channel because it enriches me as a music player, and gives me broader view of music. Actually, this show is hosted every month in my local TV station, but I watched Youtube more than I watched TV, so I always missed it. Thankfully somebody (or some organisation, actually) kind enough to upload it on Youtube.

9. Improv Everywhere

This channel depict people doing something that either amuse or confuse people around them. Some of them are actually very good. This channel encourage people to improve anything that looks like an ordinary event, such as the Surprise Wedding Reception I put above.

8. Sungha Jung

It’s not only the play session is fun. The fact that the player is still not 17 is what WOWs me. Watching his videos brings me back my passion and the spirit to finish off what’s left of my childhood dreams. I watch his video first time in 2010. Now I still regularly checked his channel.

Sungha Jung is a boy from Korea which is 15 years old by the time this post is written. He has learn to play guitar since 2006, that means since age of 9, but now he’s playin’ like a pro. The official website states that he’s currently learning piano and drum. And from the video I post above, you can see that he’s now started to trying ukulele now. Watch it for yourself.

7. Chad, Matt, and Rob

You really should take a look at these crazy guys. People think they make fool videos, but they aren’t. The video I put above is the proof. It’s their 3 years old video. I don’t want to spoil your fun watching their newer vids, so I put their old video here. Don’t get fooled by the thumbnail appearance. Watch it till the end! I love this video because I can play pranks with my friends, and see their reactions.

By the way, I never know how they put up the special effect. As a video editing hobbyist myself, I always wanted to know how to create effects they used. It’s like they hired a Hollywood film editor to do their edit! Watch their other videos, especially the one titled “The Teleporter”. Too bad they likely won’t upload new vids soon. But I still put it here so that you won’t missed it.

6. Geek Beat TV

This channel gives a lot of strange tech information, and much of it is hacking workaround. It’s not how-you-hacks-into-your-roommate-laptop thing, but it’s a pretty interesting channel with tech solution for your everyday (and not-so-everyday) problems.

5. How Cast

This web gives plenty of how-tos in a neat video. If you take a look at above video, you’ll understand what I meant. They have broad range of videos topic, from sport, food, tech, gaming, lifestyle, and art. Look at the top side of the channel to explore more. It’s like a “how stuff works” counterparts, in video.

4. All Time 10s

This is a channel that hosts top 10 of everything: from the most expensive house in the world, unusual Wikipedia entries, technological milestone, extremely long place names, even top 10 of the smelliest animal in the world! The video I posted above is from the top 10 strangest discoveries of Google Earth. Try this channel. Who knows you found out that one of the biggest discoveries is at your neighborhood!

3. Google Chrome

I’m not a great fan of Chrome. And Google. But this channel, I just simply can’t ignore it. It hosts some video ads for Google Chrome that brings a whole new level of advertising. It’s touching, funny, clever, and actually makes us a better man. This is seriously not a common ads. I wished every ads in this

And by the way, despite all that I have said above, Google Chrome is my default browser. 🙂

2. Kingdom Warriors

This channel gives insight knowledge about Christianity in the way that I’ve never heard before. The way Emmanuel (the hosts of this channel) speaks up about the Bible is really inspiring, and can keep me on my seat for hours. His thought is mind-provoking, and everybody who heard words he said can never agree more.

1. Just For Laugh TV

This channel is arguably the most valuable channel in my world. This channel hosts more than 2000 videos of prank, that makes me laugh and made my day. With a huge number tricks on their sleeves, it will always gets on and on. It’s very addictive. Whenever I started watching this channel, I always said to myself: this is gonna be the last video that I watch today. And to the next thirteen successive videos. If you never know this channel, you should open it, NOW.

Well, that’s my top 10 list of favorite Youtube channel. What’s yours?


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