Blackberry App World Icon Gone?

For you who have Blackberry, having App World in your device is like having App Store in your iDevice. It’s essential, irreplaceable. You can download new apps using it, and upgrade them whenever new version coming out.

Unfortunately, things are not as smooth as it can be. If you’re now currently downloading App upgrades from the App World, and the connection suddenly interrupted (or the device suddenly hang or restart), the program’s icon will be disappear, because the App World will already hide it. Thank God, there’s a very easy solution. Just reconnect to the internet, re-download the app from the App World, and voila! All is good, as long as we have access to the App World. As long as we have.

Then, how if, say, the App World itself is gone? In my case, I was upgrading the App World to a brand new version, while suddenly the internet connection is lost. I thought that was a simple matter. I just re-established the internet, and took my device to re-connect to the internet, when I found that the device stated “failed to install the app”. I press “OK”. Then another popup saying “You have to reboot the device”. I press “Reboot Now”. And it’s rebooted. But, as you can tell, the App World icon is gone!

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First Born Sunlight in This 2012 Year

Whenever we see newborn babies, everyone is happy. Babies are always signs of new hope, new chance, new spirit. Having babies are like having new chance to start nurturing something anew, watching as he will grow into his destiny, if nurtured well.

Now the first sunlight has been emerged at the first day of 2012, giving the same new hopes for the peoples around the world to contemplate, and make resolution about what to achieve through the year 2012. Many grateful for whatever happened in 2011, but some also grieving about failures. Whatever it is, let’s keep the hopes high and walk through 2012 with straight head.

One important reminder is that whatever your resolution is, make sure you keep it. This is to make sure that you will have belief in the promise you made. So many people stuck in failures that whatever promises they made, deep down in their heart, they never believe that they will achieve it, or have will to achieve it. This is proven to be the worst demotivation at all, because this is an error lies on oneself, not intimidation coming from the outside. The only one way to fight this demotivational is to prove that it’s wrong, by keeping your promises to yourself. Promise you made to yourself is as important as promise you made to other people, and you must treat it such: fulfill it! Treat yourself as a separate person which demand the fulfillment of the promises through the year 2012 that will bring suitable punishment or worthy prize according to the progress you made. You have to treat yourself harsher than other people treat you, because the wise said:

People who treat themselves hard, the world will felt easy for them.
People who treat themselves easy, the world will felt hard for them.

Let’s keep the hope high, and face 2012 with success and victory! Let’s we share success story by the end of 2012. Happy new year everyone!