Blackberry App World Icon Gone?

For you who have Blackberry, having App World in your device is like having App Store in your iDevice. It’s essential, irreplaceable. You can download new apps using it, and upgrade them whenever new version coming out.

Unfortunately, things are not as smooth as it can be. If you’re now currently downloading App upgrades from the App World, and the connection suddenly interrupted (or the device suddenly hang or restart), the program’s icon will be disappear, because the App World will already hide it. Thank God, there’s a very easy solution. Just reconnect to the internet, re-download the app from the App World, and voila! All is good, as long as we have access to the App World. As long as we have.

Then, how if, say, the App World itself is gone? In my case, I was upgrading the App World to a brand new version, while suddenly the internet connection is lost. I thought that was a simple matter. I just re-established the internet, and took my device to re-connect to the internet, when I found that the device stated “failed to install the app”. I press “OK”. Then another popup saying “You have to reboot the device”. I press “Reboot Now”. And it’s rebooted. But, as you can tell, the App World icon is gone!

I panicked. I search all over the internet. Then I read in the Blackberry official site that there’s Blackberry Desktop App World. I tried to download it, but it says that “Downloads via a USB connection are not enabled for this product. Please visit our mobile download site using the browser on your BlackBerry® smartphone.” Great. That’s the last thing I want to know. Because my Blackberry is, well, special. Or, in other words, problematic. I don’t use full service plan, just social feature plan in my service provider, so I have to use WiFi in order to access the internet. And it really sucks. Sometimes it can connect, sometimes it can’t. And application with greatest chance to connect through the crumbly WiFi connection is just the App World itself! I’ve never been able to browse using the internal device browser, when not in full service data plan. So I guess I’m locked out in the dark.

But today, I’ve done enough trial and error to install the App World with any possible method,  and at last I’ve done it. I just want to share with you all that the best, easiest, and the ONLY way to re-install your App World, is to install from the browser itself, like what people all over the world said. That’s easier said than to be done, in my case. But just disconnect and reconnect, until you can browse through the internet. Then open the internal browser, select Home Page (Blackberry Bookmarks) from the default bookmarks, or just click this link. Then select App World. It will take you to a page that offer you to download App World. Some people say that you need to uninstall the old App World first, but it works like wonder in my Blackberry even though I didn’t uninstall the old one first. The only thing that you must pray is for your internet (data or WiFi) connection to works.

And, oh, don’t forget to check whether if your Blackberry meets the requirements, listed at the download page.


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