Lucid Dreams

I’ve always fascinated with lucid dreams. I read a lot about lucid dreams at the internet and how to achieve it. I even join some forums to gather some information and asking some questions. I’ve tried many methods, from being more aware when I’m awake, to taking journal of my dreams. But my nearest experience of lucid dream was only when at one time I suddenly feels falling of a cliff. I suddenly realized I’m in a dream, but then I wake up. This happened several times.

From the forum, I learned that falling of a cliff (or other similar experience) is like just a “final gateway” into the lucid dreams. If I can pass the “test”, I will gained entry to lucid dream easier and easier next time. It’s like a very short phase of nightmare, as everything you’re afraid of will come at those very moment. I just need to pass it.

Last night, I tried it again. I put myself on bed and lulled myself to sleep. After God knows how long, it suddenly begins, and I suddenly aware that I’m falling of a cliff. I screamed on top of my lung as I watched in horror how the skin on my hand also began to cracked and peeling, revealing the bloody muscle and tissue beneath. And it spreading quickly to my arm and body.

Suddenly I hit solid ground. Turns out I’ve “landed” on my bedside floor! Or woken up, to be exact. I laughed at the experience, glad that it’s over, and watching my back-to-normal hands with gratitude. That’s when I noticed I have six fingers each.

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