Spacecast: Intro

M31, The Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy

Sets in 6th century AC (after colony), the stories evolving around human colonies founded approximately 600 years ago in the Morgan Sector inside the Andromeda galaxy. Many already forgotten how they arrived there, and why they have to inhabit such galaxies far far away from home. Even more has already forgotten if they was once an earth inhabitant. Human colonies in Morgan Sector has already think that it is their home, or at least they feel have lived there for a long time and has already built colonies in such a rapid pace.

Here are some space logs and stories record from all around the Morgan Sector that has been gathered.

Purple Aurora

An adventure of two boys lost in the space jungle.

Sacred Memento

A story about an ordinary girl who get stuck in another person’s business.

Chat Log Entry

This is chat log entry which have been found in the Universal Archive Database.


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