My Cute Cousin

I have a very cute cousin, Brian. He’s still 3 years old. Sometimes his mom likes to drop him at our house to play after school. She’s a very busy person, and being a single parent, managing time between her son and her work simply becomes a mind blowing task.

One day, his mom called to tell me that she can’t pick up Brian that day. So she asked whether Brian can sleepover there. I said, no problem. And I could see Brian’s eyes is like glowing brilliantly with joy.

That night, he suddenly woke up and get out of the bedroom. I still not sleeping because I have exam tomorrow. It’s almost midnight.

“Hey Brian,” I greeted him. “What’s up? Can’t sleep tonight?”

“Yes,” he rubbed his eyes. “I thought I heard bird sound somewhere.”

“Bird? There’s no bird here. Maybe you were having a dream.”

“No, I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere. It feels familiar. And then someone’s screaming.” he insisted.

Before I had chance to reply, the clock struck 12, and the cuckoo bird spring out with the sound “cuckoo!” He turned his face in horror.

“That’s the sound! That’s it!” he exclaimed.

I put a flat face. “Brian, you’ve heard this clock for a long time!”

“Yes, but this time it’s different!”

I picked him up, and carried him closer to the clock.

“Look,” as we observe the cuckoo bird coming out for the eighth time. “There’s nothing to be afraid of, right?” but he still grabbed my neck after the cuckoo heard twelfth times.

Suddenly the cuckoo sprang for the thirteenth times, way further than it should be, and it pecked right on my left eye.

And I screamed.

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