Going Nowhere?

going nowhere

Once upon a time, which is approximately 1 month ago, I was visiting my old house from my childhood which was located very near from my new house, which I have lived in there for 13 at least years. I visit that house to help my mom oversee the renovating progress of that house. It was supposed to be just another ordinary day, until I suddenly see my old friend from my childhood from afar. He was somewhat far, and wasn’t walking to my direction, that I didn’t bother to call him. After these 13 years, he looks just exactly the same, that I recognize him immediately.

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Truly Important Wisdom

Thanks dad

Maybe some of you notice that these days I post many new posts, whereas I’ve left this blog on dust for more than 2 months. I don’t know why, but I just feel I have more juice inside me to write more often, as I found that writing is energizing, but at the same time, sips my energy away. Nowadays, I feel I need to write something when I see something good, instead of just retweet it or share it over the Facebook. These days I just feel some melancholy feeling that I’ll always feel when I’m about to face a big change in life, and that can lead me to writing, or pull me away. I listen instrumental with melancholy tunes more often (but melancholy doesn’t necessarily means sad). I still can’t say what big change it is, but I truly hope it’s for good.

And which it feels like a perfect time to contemplate a little about teaching that my dad often gave to me when he’s still here. No, it’s not what you think. He is still here, but very far away from home. So, my interaction with him is now limited and greatly reduced. Even though there are technology like Facetime and Skype, it just doesn’t feel comfy to talk with it. Usually it’s my mom who spend a great deal of time to talk with my dad over the Facetime. I just joined them some times.

This picture reminds me that sometimes what each of our dad teach is probably not what we like to hear at the time it’s given, but when we have clear our head, usually we can starting to see what he really means. When I see myself, usually I found that I’m too cocky to listen to his argument. I feel that I already know everything, and I doesn’t need any advice from anyone. But the truth is, when I feel too cocky, it’s usually because I know I’m wrong or something is not right, but I’m too eager to let it go. I act cocky just so that he won’t push me any further, because if he pushes any further, I know that I will lost in the argument. The problem is, at the time the argument take place, my mind and my heart was so locked on to the thing(s) that I was hold on into, whether that is thing, or bad habit, or anything. And usually we started to understand what our father said when it’s almost or even already too late.

My biggest trap is that I’m too easy to fall into comfort zone, wherever I am. I’m too easy to feel contended with what I have in life. Whereas my papa wants me to be a “bloodlust” tiger, always feel unsatisfied, always strive for more. In the Myers-Briggs type personality indicator, I have INFP personality, which shortened to “Idealist”. But one thing that I realized when I see on the result, is that I tend — well, “tend” is underrated here — I go to a GREAT LENGTH to avoid conflicts whenever possible. And I say, it’s very true. Sadly, sometimes, to do something that’s a little out of my style is also considered as “conflict” for my subconscious mind. His advice that I always remember until now is that sooner or later, the time will catch up to me. And that is also true. But I just can see what he say about when I already experience it, when my ego is not clouding my judgement and reasoning. This is one thing that keep conflicting in my life until now. But it’s a good thing that he still let me discover everything by myself, not shoving anything down my throat.

Well, I guess that will wrap up something for today. May this serve as a reminder that we may not see things the way it is supposed to be now. But when the time come, we will be thankful to our earthly father of his most valuable heritage to us: his wisdom. Thanks dad.

It’s All About Mentality

Public Transportation

Today I read this good quote above. For me, it’s very true. I have long dreamed about an advanced public transportation in my country, but it seems my country still has a long way to go. Jakarta is predicted to has its own monorail transportation (MRT) at 2016. Boy, it’s still 4 years again. And that’s Jakarta. How about me, who lived in the next-to-biggest city? When will that public transportation realized?

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Mooncake Festival

moon cake festival

Well, you see, I’m considered myself from a Chinese tribe, but because some “conflicts” that Chinese tribe had in the past with Indonesian government, the government stripped down many things that “smells” like Chinese from the land, including Chinese language and cultures. Just since 2001 when Gus Dur become the president, the Chinese language and culture started to be circulated again. But After 40 years of suppression, I guess losing the identity has become inevitable price we have to pay. Including me. I don’t know Chinese language at all, and I don’t even celebrate Chinese culture and tradition, except for the cultures where I may gain some profit from it *tee hee hee* like Chinese New Year. And now that I’ve been married, there lost my only advantage of celebrating that tradition. *grumpy sounds* But apart from that, I never indulge myself much with my ancestry culture, as my parents also didn’t do that, and I believe many Chinese tribe in Indonesia in my generation.

But then, working at a place where it upholds strong tradition or culture has its own perks. I work at Taipei School in Surabaya, and they celebrate almost every Chinese tradition, from the most popular ones, to the ones I never heard about. And today, it’s about Moon Cake Festival.

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Microwave Mentality


I was browsing the internet to find an original ISO download for Windows 7 Home Premium Chinese, when my eyes suddenly stumbled on this Microwave Mentality. It’s a syndrome where you feel that everything is moving faster and faster, while patience is getting thinner and thinner everyday. The Microwave is an awesome invention, and it’s already speed up many things on cooking. But there are many times when I just tapped my sole on the ground and think about how slow the Microwave works. So I also realized that I’ve become impatient.

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Reminder about How You Walk Your Life

Today, I’m not writing so much, but I just want to upload an old comic from Calvin and Hobbes (by Bill Watterson) that send me to a deep contemplate about what is work all about, and to whom I work for, and my goal in life. This picture is big, so I will move it in the “more” section so that it won’t be automatically loaded on the main page. Click on “read more” to see it. And don’t forget to share what you thought about it.

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