Microwave Mentality


I was browsing the internet to find an original ISO download for Windows 7 Home Premium Chinese, when my eyes suddenly stumbled on this Microwave Mentality. It’s a syndrome where you feel that everything is moving faster and faster, while patience is getting thinner and thinner everyday. The Microwave is an awesome invention, and it’s already speed up many things on cooking. But there are many times when I just tapped my sole on the ground and think about how slow the Microwave works. So I also realized that I’ve become impatient.

Patience is a virtue, a virtue that’s becoming rare to found these days. Patience is not about lazy and slow. Patience is about doing it right. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right, said Hunter S. Thomson. And I found that it’s very true, even though I’m still often become the victim of my own impatient. When we become impatient, we’re ready to settled for “less than best”. We’re confusing between “doing everything at the right time” and “doing everything right now”. We’re confusing between “time is money” and “productivity is money”. Your time is money, but if your productivity is low because of the impact of your impatience, then your time (your money, in this sense) is wasted.

I know the sign whenever I start to get impatient. Everything feels so out of control. I want everything to be quicker, but everything seems to moving at a slow motion speed, which in turns make my work result didn’t work in a same pace with my surrounding, and produce a low productivity. I will then tried to close my eyes, draw a deep breath, and think to myself, “What would I gain by tried to rush everything quicker? Can it done at a lower, synchronized pace with my surrounding?” When I then decided that all those ruckus is not helping productivity at all,  I feel calming down. My feeling become quiet, my breath slower, and my heart pace is more constant. When I open my eyes again, everything start to move faster. It turns out that my surrounding is not that slow, but my impatience has induct me with some kind of misleading impression that they’re all as slow as snails.

Our brain can be trained, to not only look and act based on 50 minutes ahead, but also look at 50 years to the future. When we see those far away vision on far future, we become humbled, that our life on earth is very short compared to all the history that’s ever happened and will be happen on earth, and we’re just like another pawn (or even another king or queen) on a gigantic chess board. Let’s do what we’re supposed to do, by moving one designated step at a time, instead of rushing some steps ahead and risk ruining the big plan. Remember, patience is not laziness or weakness, but strength to do the right thing at the right time.


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