Reminder about How You Walk Your Life

Today, I’m not writing so much, but I just want to upload an old comic from Calvin and Hobbes (by Bill Watterson) that send me to a deep contemplate about what is work all about, and to whom I work for, and my goal in life. This picture is big, so I will move it in the “more” section so that it won’t be automatically loaded on the main page. Click on “read more” to see it. And don’t forget to share what you thought about it.

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The Basic Recipe of Success

For every successful man, there is always a woman supporting behind.

It’s funny how I always suddenly came with a blog post inspiration after a mellow session of my life. I am a melancholic phlegmatic person, and I have this strange syndrome to abruptly entered melancholy mode when the memories of past lifetime suddenly come to haunt. Well, not exactly. But anyway, that makes me thinking over a subject that maybe everyone has already know about, but never thought it in a deeper way, or in some way, in a simpler way. But I prefer to not have to walk down towards the path of melancholy before finally grabbing onto some enlightening. 🙂 Today, let’s talk about success. You all probably have known about success, and may even have your own definition about it. But let’s give ourselves a break and discuss it from a different point of view, shall we?

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