To Whom It May Concern: Fiction


Okay, I know I’m not a very good at this thing, but I’m already starting writing fiction stories alongside writing blog posts in this blog. I was planning to do that last month, but I got carried away while reporting Japan’s sudden earthquakes and tsunamis, so I postponed it. Sometimes my imagination gotten so high that I will feel very disappointed with myself if I doesn’t put those ideas into actions.

I know not everyone of you readers like reading fiction, especially from blogs. But, like the title said, to whom it may concern, means, to whom who like reading fiction, feel free to browse my personal fiction writings gallery. I hope it satisfy your appetite, and I hope I’ll have enough commitment to bring out fresh chapters and episodes soon enough after each release.

Alright then, bon apetite!

Note: You can reach the Fiction main page from the right upper hand link on top of this site, or just click here already!


Garlicious Garlic For Your Heart

Who doesn’t know about garlic? One of the well-known recipe, garlic is not only infamous because of its odoriferous attribute, but also good for your health. In the ancient Egyptian era, slaves were fed garlic to increase their stamina. After eating some roasted peanut today, which have traces of garlic, I become interested to write about garlic. Today let’s take a look about what garlic hid behind beneath its cover.

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Mozilla Firefox 4: Out of the Oven

Okay, I have to be honest that I’m not a big fan of Mozilla Firefox anymore, but still, they have entered a new milestone step: Mozilla Firefox 4! I know that this browser has been up and around for a while in its beta status, but at that time, I reluctant to try, because it disables almost all of my extensions, and the only reason I’m using Firefox is because of its abundant extensions, just like people using iPhone because of its App Store. So what’s there to try if I can’t access all my extensions? But at least now the Firefox has already leaved its beta status, and then right now I’m trying it. But don’t be wrong: Firefox 4 still disables half of my plugins, and leave a few handy ones that doesn’t concern with user interface.

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Mozilla Firefox: How To Disable Add on Compatibility Checking

Firefox word mark. Correct clear space (1/3 he...

Image via Wikipedia

You know about those frustation we’ve always have whenever Firefox enter its major software update: hoping that the new Firefox will still support our lovely plugins from the old Firefox. Sadly, that’s not always the case. And the kind plugin developer who already devoted his time for the plugin that maybe so simple and not interested in changing internal version in the plugins to be verified “compatible” with the new release of Firefox. So I’ll give you a tips that in fact has already been circulated among some advanced Firefox users to workaround the plugins compatibility issues.

This trick is known to work up to Firefox 4, and will be expected to work in the future release of Firefox. But at least we hoping that Firefox will turn off this compatibility issues so that we will stop doing the same dance over and over again every time a new major Firefox release is out.

Update: I’ve made small updates to accommodate Firefox 5 Final that’s already coming few days ago. Thanks to Kenneth Thomas that remind me of the version difference.

Tips: It seems that installing Add-on Compatibility Reporter will also enables you to install (or run) incompatible extensions to Firefox as well.

Update: Since Firefox 10, the Add-on Compatibility Reporter just works as a reporter tool, and cannot be used as a tool to force install incompatible extension, because Firefox 10 and later has a new policy that allows all the add-on that opt-in to “Compatible by Default” to run. For more information, refer to this article.

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Example Exponential

View from the starting block of a competition ...

3m Jumping Board is waaaayy higher than this!

Once upon a time, I was swimming with my friend. Okay, it’s only three days ago, the last Saturday in the morning. It’s more like chatting session at the pool than swimming, because we chat a lot more than swim. (That’s why you should have a plan B when you brought too many or too little company, and want to keep swimming while talking at the same time) After a little while, we moved from the 1.5m depth pool, to the 4m depth one. At first, he’s hesitated, but after I explained about how beautiful the underwater view is, he’s agree.

At the 4m pool, we swim back and forth, a couple of times, then chat again, and then watching a child going to jump from a 3m jumping board. Then we chat again.. WAITAMINUTE..! A child going to JUMP from 3m jumping board to a 4m depth pool? What the hell is he thinking? Ow, but there’s a man in the pool, looks like a swimming coach. Okay, that relieves me. And we chat again, while the coach is encouraging the boy to jump. I overheard his name is Kevin. The coach not only coaching this boy. There are also several boys and girls, all in roughly the same age as Kevin, approximately still in the primary school. After a little while, I still hear the coach encouraging, means that Kevin isn’t jump already. We switch focus from chatting to watching how the coach encouraging Kevin.

“C’mon, Kevin! You can do it last week. Why you wouldn’t do it today?” said the coach.

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Redo – Holy Spirit

Redo – Holy Spirit

Update January 21, 2014: Added song lyric “Allah Roh Kudus”.

Update July 30, 2012: Removed download link. Additionally, Redo wishes to everyone just stop the distribution because an album will be released. It really will be released. So don’t worry. 🙂

Update July 7, 2012: NOTIFICATION: In about a week, I will close down the file sharing for Redo’s song, because he stated that next year, there is a high possibility that he, in association with Mawar Sharon Church Praise and Worship Department, will create an album for all these songs. Therefore, he personally asked me to put down these songs, in order for him to be able to concentrate on recording, and not disrupted by the “other things”. So, actually you don’t need to search for these songs that I have uploaded. Just wait for the album to be released, and you will have a better quality of all these songs. 🙂

Update May 11, 2012 at 07.45: Added song lyric “Ubah Hatiku”.

Update February 12, 2012 at 17.20: Added song lyric “Papa dan Mama”.

Update December 12, 2011 at 14.00: Added song lyric “Ku Bri yang Terbaik”.

Update August 22, 2011 at 23.30: After 2 weeks of hard work trying to get for the song from the church, at last now I can keep my promise to you: Pulang in Acoustic full version! And I have uploaded it in three different mirrors! Too bad I can’t get it before the Hui Jia event..

Update August 07, 2011 at 23.25: Added song lyric “I’m God’s Top Agent”.

Update August 07, 2011 at 23.05: After a very busy day, finally I can update Pulang song lyric to the whole version. This is a very nice song once we heard the full version. I think I can get the acoustic version (reff only) of the song soon. But I can’t promise anything. 🙂

Update July 28, 2011 at 23.30: Completed uploading and adding Pulang to Indowebster, and added a mirror too!!

Update July 16, 2011 at 23.50: Added Redo’s newest song lyric “Pulang”.

Update April 9, 2011 at 23.30: Completed uploading mirror to Surabaya for Jesus by direct download link, 4shared, and Mediafire. If all these four links won’t work then I don’t know anymore… 🙂

Update April 6, 2011 at 19.50: Completed uploading and adding Surabaya for Jesus!!!

Update April 6, 2011 at 15.30: Completed uploading Army of God to Indowebster, and adding new song People of Passion with Indowebster download links. Just one more song to hunt: Surabaya for Jesus! Coming soon!

Update April 3, 2011 at 08.38: Added new song lyric “Haleluya” that I just know actually made by Redo. But I still haven’t got the mp3 yet.

Update March 21, 2011 at 23.49: Now I’ve uploaded almost all the song into Indowebster, plus a few more song. Download from Indowebster is pretty fast, and you can use download manager. So, what are you waiting for? 🙂

Now there is this thing — my church is not really into album production ministry, but rumor says that one of its senior youth worship leader, Redo Daeng Badji is going to do an album recording. The album cover above is just an illustration, but let’s wait for further news, shall we?

In the mean time, I’ll present you (free?) recorded song from my church’s youth sunday service, Army of God, where Redo occasionally lead the worship there, singing his own song that supposedly will be present in his album, if he really will make one soon. Let’s dig it up!

Btw, if you tried to download from Indowebster and you get the error notification, maybe the server is down. Please try again a moment later. I’ve tried all the links one by one and sometimes it works, sometimes it’s not. Just please be patient until I find a better host.
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When Life and Age Doesn’t Mean Much Anymore

Footprints in the sand, an endless journey.

This morning I was attending my grandmother’s sister’s funeral. She was brought to hospital at Friday because of stroke attack, just hours after Japan Earthquake. I’m personally not very close with her, but I did have chance once or two to talk with her occasionally. Overall she’s a nice woman, and likes to talk about anything. When I first heard about her sickness after she’s vomiting, and she’s brought to hospital, I didn’t take very top priority to visit her in the hospital, because at Saturday and Sunday, it’s the day I become pretty busy. So I plan to visit her on Monday. But suddenly, at Sunday, I heard that she had passed away. Well, it gives me some shock, because I never got a chance to met her for the last time.

In these past few days, I’m thinking and thinking over, when life and age doesn’t mean much anymore, then what this life means? A mother at Japan seeing her son off to school, she said “Itterasai!” (have a safe trip!) while her son said “Ittekimasu!” (I’m off!). And that would be her very last chance to see her son walking to the school, because 4 hours later, without further warning, her son’s school is suddenly flooded by tsunami. She may thinks that her son’s future is still far away, and will be a bright, successful future. But in just a snap, it all gone. Moreover, there will be a greater regret if she has those “unfinished business” with her son. “Why I didn’t forgiving my son immediately after yesterday I scold him very badly after getting bad mark?” or “Why I never give a chance of saying that I love you to him? Now I will never get those chance back.”

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Recap of Aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

I have created two pages to host about the very first day of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, and aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. But now I find that the details is hard to be followed, now I created a recap page to continuing what I found and noted about the disaster. Don’t worry, I won’t leave important details.

What happened so far in my blog above and yesterday before recap?

The Nuclear Power Plant

So far, it has been reported before that the coolant sistem in Fukushima-Daiichi (Fukushima 1) and Fukushima-Daini (Fukushima 2) power plant has been failed. Government have already evacuated peoples within 3km radius, then extended to 10km radius, and there is plan to extend the radius further to 20km. Any attempt to reduce it’s temperature is failed. Then suddenly there were explosion on the Fukushima 1. Radiation material (caesium) has already detected at 20-fold times higher than normal, and to be exposed to that level of radiation for 1 hour is just like exposed to normal radiation for 1 years. It has been reported that 3 peoples are exposed to the radiation. But many officials believe that there is no danger to be feared of. Japan nuclear accident rated 4 on 0-7 scale rate for now.

The Refugees Condition

So far, there are so many aftershocks and new earthquakes from different locations in Japan. People rushing to buy key food stock from local store. Long queue is sighted at every petrol stations, with waiting line at least for 5 hours. People have to walk 5 hours for 20km to get home. But now, looks like Taxi and train now started to operation again. Now the climate is extremely cold, with thick snow spotted on the ground. Electricity still hasn’t got to normal. People advised to conserve energy. Communication still crammed. Food store is ran out of key ingredients. There are also food store that give away cheap foods.

The Search and Rescue

So far, the Japanese International Red Cross and many other organisation is actively helping the refugees and searching for people that still trapped under the debris. SAR attempts must be done in very careful way because of the aftershocks that can make debris fall and also trap the SAR teams. Death toll reported to reach 687, with 650 people missing. There are many military now in the road, going to the places needs help.

The World Response

So far, at least 50-60 countries have expressed condolence on the tragedy that happened in Japan. President Barrack Obama has already called by himself. Pope Benedict XVI also has expressed his condolence. Every country has offer every help they can. The SAR team from Korean was the first to touchdown in Japan. Russia says they will increase coal and LNG supply if necessary.

The Economic Impact

So far, Yen Exchange Rate and Nikkei Stock Exchange has dropped to a very low level. At that time, it recorded to touch the level of 1 USD = 81.815 JPY.

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Aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Huge Tsunami slams Japan ashore yesterday. Click to open the news source.

This is the record of the second day onwards of the Japan Earthquake. For you who just joining or want to review what happened yesterday, you can see the (semi) live report here.

To see the recap and continuing of this story in prose, see here.

Here is the important recap of what happened after my last posting yesterday that I gathered from all news source.

(day +1) Jakarta 00.40 (UTC +07.00), Japan 02.40 (UTC +09.00):

The government started to allow the people to going home. People still trying to buy food, but the Supermarket were closed. No electricity, water, or gas. There were very much aftershock going on last night. US Geological Survey said that at least 45 tremor happened after my last update yesterday. Some of them are higher than magnitude of 6. One even reach magnitude of 6.6! I wonder how those people can even sleep under these shaking condition? The tremor is coming periodically every 15 minutes.

(day +1) Jakarta 00.50, Japan 02.50:

The first waves from the Tsunami arrived at US mainland along Oregon Coast. President Obama during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Naoto Kan, he expressed American people’s deepest condolences, especially to victims and their families. He also offer whatever help is needed.

Tsunami warnings have issued across the Pacific coast of US. President Obama said that today’s event reminded us how fragile we are, and that we are going to stand out with Japanese people to help them rebuild and recover.

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Earthquake Hit Japan! And Everywhere!

14.40 (UTC +07.00)

I’m still in a informal meeting with my workmate, when somebody pointing at the TV screen and said “Earthquake hit Japan!” We immediately rushing to the television, and witness with our own eyes LIVE that a huge Tsunami is rolling into Japan, because of the 8.9 SR earthquake. I see Narita airport drowned, residential places is just a pile of rubbish now. People panicked, more smaller earthquake happens periodically. They hold on in the roof of their home or their company building. Smokes coming out from tall buildings, and fires everywhere. All of this is happen because of a giant earthquake that’s 400 kilometers away from Japan! Now I see waters flowing everywhere like a gigantic sea in the residence and office area.

While I’m watching the television right now writing this blog post in lightning speed, something comes up on the screen. It’s “peringatan dini Tsunami dari Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika” or “early warning of Tsunami from Indonesian Agency for Meteorology and Climatology” that there is a chance that Indonesia will get caught in Tsunami also, notable in Jakarta, Singaraja, and Bali. Surabaya, the place where I live, is not in the list, but we still need to be cautious. In the TV, it’s stated that Tsunami can reach to Eastern part of Indonesia.

This is very terrible news. Last night, I heard that Bali got rocked by earthquake from the Nusa Tenggara Barat. It’s now getting scary. Let’s pray that no further earthquake will happen. I’ll keep you updated.

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