The Experience of Becoming a New Father

Alas, my wife can return home after four days in the hospital today. It were several days full of events since May 14, since she has to undergo sectio caesarea, the “javanese” term for caesarean birth. There are good moments, and there are also bad moments.

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To Whom It May Concern: Fiction


Okay, I know I’m not a very good at this thing, but I’m already starting writing fiction stories alongside writing blog posts in this blog. I was planning to do that last month, but I got carried away while reporting Japan’s sudden earthquakes and tsunamis, so I postponed it. Sometimes my imagination gotten so high that I will feel very disappointed with myself if I doesn’t put those ideas into actions.

I know not everyone of you readers like reading fiction, especially from blogs. But, like the title said, to whom it may concern, means, to whom who like reading fiction, feel free to browse my personal fiction writings gallery. I hope it satisfy your appetite, and I hope I’ll have enough commitment to bring out fresh chapters and episodes soon enough after each release.

Alright then, bon apetite!

Note: You can reach the Fiction main page from the right upper hand link on top of this site, or just click here already!

Secret of Happiness

Happiness - that makes us feel as if our chest is as vast as a soccer stadium.

Well, for a very long time, the humanity is searching, and craving, for this menu called “Happiness”. I’m searching for it, you’re searching for it, we all are. When I was a little kid, my happiness would be if I can play games for hours non stop a day. But as I’m growing up as teenager, my happiness center is shifted, so that I would be happy if I got a great mark or I’m doing some activities with my friends. Now that I’m a young adult, my happiness simply lies at the order of my daily life. If I can going through my daily life smoothly without any disturbance, I can call it a great day.

I guess, our own happiness center is very different with each other. Every person is having their own happiness center, depends on how their environment taught them to be. But after some contemplation, it can be said that happiness philosophy can be classified as one of these five:

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