Earthquake Hit Japan! And Everywhere!

14.40 (UTC +07.00)

I’m still in a informal meeting with my workmate, when somebody pointing at the TV screen and said “Earthquake hit Japan!” We immediately rushing to the television, and witness with our own eyes LIVE that a huge Tsunami is rolling into Japan, because of the 8.9 SR earthquake. I see Narita airport drowned, residential places is just a pile of rubbish now. People panicked, more smaller earthquake happens periodically. They hold on in the roof of their home or their company building. Smokes coming out from tall buildings, and fires everywhere. All of this is happen because of a giant earthquake that’s 400 kilometers away from Japan! Now I see waters flowing everywhere like a gigantic sea in the residence and office area.

While I’m watching the television right now writing this blog post in lightning speed, something comes up on the screen. It’s “peringatan dini Tsunami dari Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika” or “early warning of Tsunami from Indonesian Agency for Meteorology and Climatology” that there is a chance that Indonesia will get caught in Tsunami also, notable in Jakarta, Singaraja, and Bali. Surabaya, the place where I live, is not in the list, but we still need to be cautious. In the TV, it’s stated that Tsunami can reach to Eastern part of Indonesia.

This is very terrible news. Last night, I heard that Bali got rocked by earthquake from the Nusa Tenggara Barat. It’s now getting scary. Let’s pray that no further earthquake will happen. I’ll keep you updated.

15.00 Update

A Japanese people said that this is the worst earthquake they ever experience for the last 20 years. Right now the Prime Minister of Japan is holding a conference press, and advise Japanese people to stay calm and have faith. Now a very big fireball is shown comes out from oil tanks. All the underground train mass transportation is shutdown. Cellular communication is also down. But the electricity is still up in some areas.

15.30 Update

Workers at office still cannot go home because all of the mass transportation is down. All train is down. The Nuclear Power Plant is shut down to avoid further danger. Looks like they can’t cooling the reactor down. Hundreds of people is evacuated from Shinjuku Station, one of the most busiest station in Japan. Television is broadcasting warning to stay away from the coast.

Earthquake Triggers Tsunami in Japan

15.40 Update

A recent phone interview with Indonesian people live in Japan said that up until now the building is still rocking! Right now the tremor is still going on and on, though it’s not as dangerous as before. The strange thing is, the phone connection to Japanese people is down, but the phone connection using Indonesian phone card can be established. An Indonesian bureaucratic Jusuf Kalla right now also in Tokyo. He said, after they eat (approximately at 12.00 this noon), suddenly everything is started to rocking. Hard. And now is still rocking. Now all the transportation in Tokyo is still down.

16.00 Update

Now the TV also talking about the potential of Tsunami hit in Papua, Indonesia. They looks like very certain that the Tsunami will likely hit at 20.00 in Papua local time. SAR team already prepared 20 people standby to tackle the aftermath of Tsunami in Papua. In Ambon, all the boat and ferry will be prohibited to sail, and instructed to stay on the dock.

Back to Japan, now at the screen I see a black sea flood mixed with mud started to flooding farms and building. Japan Stock Exchange in Nikkei is dropping by 1.72%, as with Seoul, Shanghai, Taiwan, and all others. It’s told that when the earthquake first attacking, the Japanese Prime Minister and his cabinet is currently held a meeting.

16.28 Update

It’s said that the earthquake epicenter is just 160 km from the coast. The Minister of Defense sends 8 jet plane to look after the current condition. Fire is also started at Yokohama that’s an Industrial Area.

22.30 Update

Back after doing some chores. 20 minutes ago, BBC publishing special reports for Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake. Japanese Department of Defense ready to send 300 airplanes and 40 ships to help search for refugees and rescue. The nuclear power plant is in the huge evacuation process. The failure at nuclear cooling system is expected to be recovered soon.

As for Indonesia, the government already lift Tsunami Warning. Only a small waves about 10 cm arrived at the coast of Bitung Island in North Sulawesi, and cause no damage. But at last the government is ready this time. It’s better false alarm than too late.

22.40 Update

In the afternoon, a train in Nobiru line is lost with its passengers. The SAR team still can’t find it. Hundreds bodies found in Sendai city. Right now in the midnight, with the lack of information, lighting, and logistic, search and rescue effort is very hard to be done, but still moving. The airport is reported has been return to operational. So help from other countries now can begin to enter Japan.

Another shocking picture from New York Times showing the aftermath of Japan Tsunami. Click to open the source at New York Times.

23.00 Update

Right now, the airport has been truly return to the normal operation. There’s a rush of Japanese people that’s in vacation at Bali to get back to Japan to examine the damage to their homes and searching for their missing loved ones. The tremor now is reported still rocking Tokyo. The tremor can even be felt at Kyoto. That’s a very far distance.

Now US Geological Survey report have report another aftershock earthquake of 5.1 magnitude near the east coast of Honshu, Japan. There’s now another warning in Chiba about 4 meters of Tsunami.

23.15 Update

The US Air Force in Japan have already transported the coolant to the nuclear power plant. Even if it is, the Japanese government still evacuating people living nearby. The World Nuclear Association said that the situation is under control.

Now the people started to worry about food. In the afternoon, people rushing to the department store buying food before the stock is empty. In the department store, there are very much things fall to the floor, possibly because of the earthquake before.

The world is showing his deepest regret to the Japanese Tsunami. Many president and prime minister giving press conference to show their condolence.

23.25 Update

US government is evacuation Hawaiian people from the coast of Hawaii island, because Hawaii is very potential to be struck by Tsunami. Tourist were moved to the upper floors in hotels. The biggest wave reach the coast so far is 85 cm.

Japan news agency said that death toll now has risen to 137.

23.30 Update

Market reaction to the earthquake:

Market reaction to the earthquake. Click to open the site source.

From the more up to date site, the JPY per USD is reported even more depreciated, 81.815 JPY per 1 USD at the moment. All is just within one day.

Meanwhile, friendly football competition between Phillipines team and Japanese team at Gotemba, Japan, have to be stopped for a while because they feel the tremor, even if it’s not hard. The competition is continued after the tremor have already subsided.

23.40 Update

More aftershocks was happening. There are 6 of them. One of them with magnitude of 6.2 have shaken the east coast of Honshu, according to the US Geological Survey.

23.50 Update

Tsunami warning has been lifted from many countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, China, Indonesia, Phillipines, Taiwan, and US authorities in Guam. Looks like the Tsunami threat had passed. Countries like Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and around it, still haven’t lifted the Tsunami warning yet.

(Day +1) 00.14 Update

Looks like there is a serious problem at the Nuclear Power Plant. Maybe they can’t cool it down right now. If the matter is not resolved within next few hours, nuclear radiation may leaks. The pressure inside the reactor has been rising to a dangerous level after the reactor’s cooling system is failing after the earthquake.

Death toll is expected to exceed 1000, according to the Kyoto news agency.

(Day +1) 00.30 Update

According to AFP, there is second train reported missing. Communication is crammed. “Line is busy” is the usual reply, especially going in and out of Tokyo.

Update: I create dedicated page to talk about the Japan Earthquake aftermath. You can follow the rest of the story here.


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