Good Horror Comic, Flash, or Apps Out There

Well, I’m not a usual fan of horror style genre comic or games, but for some of them I actually like it. Not that I consume it at daily dosis, but when someone hasn’t seen those horror comic or games, it’s usually fun to see their reaction. In here I’ll try to list all the good horror comic or flash out there. Remember, this is just for fun. It’s fun to watch these scene or games with your friends, especially if all of you haven’t seen it at all.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage an unhealthy addiction of horror consumption, as it can lead to mental disorder and lack of sleep. I compile this list just for fun. If you see the list, you’ll know where this is going on. And also, there are many other more useful activities than playing horror games or playing pranks on your friends, so don’t neglect your duty because of this. Do this in your absolute free time.

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Whether We Realized It or Not

A few days ago, I’m going with my friend to visit his ill mom.

I’ve just prepared to meet someone in a bed, with a lot of tubes and wires attached to her body. I’ve just prepared things to ask, words to say, and prayer to pray. I’ve prepared myself. Well, at least that’s what I think.

It turns out that I’m not prepared enough at all. We arrive on a house where people “a little different than us” live. I thought these people are just another inhabitant, and his mother is taken care somewhere in this house. Then a woman came and greet me. We are looking for my mother, my friend said. Alright, just sit down, and I will call her down, she said, and then left us. We sit, and see people passing by near us. Mostly womens. One standing near me and staring with empty looks. One sit at the chair faraway, and also staring at me. Another one besides her busy with her activity. And another one coming, try to shaking my hand. I replied her handshake. This is my mom, my friend suddenly said. Continue reading

Beauty and The Mess

I was in a very busy schedule this week. It’s a shame, because in this week, I got a special date. Well, it’s not that special anyway, as I managed to hide that date from Facebook since the start I create Facebook, for “security” reason. 🙂 And I like to have it that way: the people who know it, it is the people who really knows you and being around you right now. It’s not that the others is an ignorant or not a good friend — it just serve as an indicator.

But for them to pulling a successful birthday trick, is not just a matter of whether you still keep in contact with them or not. For some people who really giving the effort to create a surprise for your birthday party, they have to go through a lot. And it seems kinda rare nowadays, isn’t it? As the world becoming more and more individualistic, pulling birthday trick becomes rare. Sometimes, people just forgot to even say happy birthday. Well, for me, I can live with that. Because what’s a big deal of just saying birthday congratulation?

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我要回家 (Wo yao hui jia – Aku Ingin Pulang)

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Bagaimana perasaanmu bila kamu tidak pulang selama bertahun-tahun?

Hidup bertahun-tahun di luar kota, maupun di luar negeri, pasti tidak pernah terpikir oleh kita. Kalau bisa, seumur hidup kita, kita tetap tinggal dekat dengan orang-orang yang kita cintai, dan yang mencintai kita. Tapi ada kondisi-kondisi yang memaksa kita untuk tinggal jauh dari mereka, misalnya pekerjaan kita.

Bila kita menikah, kita pun juga terkadang harus meninggalkan rumah orang tua kita, dan tinggal di sebuah rumah sendiri bersama pasangan kita. Namun kita pun masih sering mengunjungi rumah orang tua kita, untuk sekedar menyapa, ataupun untuk melepas rindu.

Namun yang masalah adalah bila ada orang yang meninggalkan rumah oleh karena pilihan.

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我要回家 (Wo yao hui jia – I want to go home)

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How do you feel if you haven’t coming home for years?

We all have never thought even a bit about leaving home, stayed so far away from the one we cared and care for us. But because of the condition that forces us to work out of the city, even out of the country, we can’t live in the ideal world that we thought we will live.

There’s also some who leave home because of the stage in his or her life. When they’re married, eventually they should (but not always) moving into new home to develop their families in a healthy state. But they still, from time to time, visiting their home town, to the place where they used to belong.

And there’s also some others, who leave home because of their choice.

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Connect Group Meeting

Well, today is the first time for many people. Especially for me, gaby, and tesa. In short, my Connect Group (CG), and Gaby’s CG is joined for a period of time (presumably until May), and this is the first time we have a meeting to discuss where to lead our newly formed CG, and scheduling who’s having responsibility for what at when. It turns out that this the first time for Gaby to do meeting at restaurant (we held the meeting at Sushi co at The Loop), and we try to getting know better at each other’s CG. And mostly of the time, the three of us laughed so hard at the differences of our CG. It’s also my first time to held such a fun informal meeting. In the first half, we still discuss the meeting agenda normally, even though still so many jokes comes out. But at the near end of our meeting time, we completely strayed out of the topic by discussing what’s the best way to torture cockroach until die, or how a bloodsucker will react if we force it to suck shampoo, and such. Haha. It’s so much fun. I want to do that again. Hehe. I think this is a good start. Let’s see how we manage to carry out the agenda.

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