Connect Group Meeting

Well, today is the first time for many people. Especially for me, gaby, and tesa. In short, my Connect Group (CG), and Gaby’s CG is joined for a period of time (presumably until May), and this is the first time we have a meeting to discuss where to lead our newly formed CG, and scheduling who’s having responsibility for what at when. It turns out that this the first time for Gaby to do meeting at restaurant (we held the meeting at Sushi co at The Loop), and we try to getting know better at each other’s CG. And mostly of the time, the three of us laughed so hard at the differences of our CG. It’s also my first time to held such a fun informal meeting. In the first half, we still discuss the meeting agenda normally, even though still so many jokes comes out. But at the near end of our meeting time, we completely strayed out of the topic by discussing what’s the best way to torture cockroach until die, or how a bloodsucker will react if we force it to suck shampoo, and such. Haha. It’s so much fun. I want to do that again. Hehe. I think this is a good start. Let’s see how we manage to carry out the agenda.

By Martin Tjandra Posted in Friends

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