Chat Log Entry #554378

 Log started 625-05-04 01.42 Alabama Time Period
 Receiving connection from secr2:defense:alabama:gov:net
 Host channel: AlabamaHackz
 Connecting host..
 : Please wait while contacting the chat UNS..
 : Created server link with @AlabamaHackz..
 : Negotiating priviledges..
 : Done.
 Proceed with login.
 Username: zephyrgirl43
 Password: *************
 Username or Password mismatch. Please try again.
 Username: zephyrgirl43
 Password: ************
 Login successful.
 Listing friend(s) online.
 10 found.
 >talk com_brainzz
 Incorrect parameter(s): missing chat -room key.
 Use -help switch to display help topics.
 >talk com_brainzz -room 1
 Creating room #1.. Done.
 User com_brainzz appear to be offline.
 Your message will not be delivered when they're signed in.
 Adding com_brainzz to room #1.. Done.
 >>james, r u there?
 You have sent a buzz.
 You have sent a buzz.
 You have sent a buzz.
 com_brainzz> okay2, take it easy little missy.. sup?
 >>i knew u would app offline lol
 >>hey i really need u to do me a very2 big favor right now
 com_brainzz>what kind of favor
 com_brainzz>that really depends on the payment u know
 >>oh cmon james, u know me better than that
 >>can u do this right now 4 me
 com_brainzz>last time i help u, officers from defense department
 almost got me caught for clearing ur mom tablet's network usage
 record history
 >>oh please james, that was 4 playful things
 >>this is 4 a very important mission
 >>do it for me will ya, pretty pleeeeaseee.. :)
 com_brainzz>okay2 but as long as i kept out of trouble, okay?
 >>thx james, ur the best! :D
 com_brainzz>ya2 cut out the chitchat, what the situation?
 >>umm did u know the job paradise office, 1 of 3 job office
 enforcer in Alabama?
 >>james? R u still there?
 You have sent a buzz.
 com_brainzz>i don't like the sound of this
 >>don't worry, this isn't like what u think :)
 >>can u hack into their building security system?
 com_brainzz>why can't i? i can hack into defense department
 com_brainzz>to hack into a mere job office is a simple task
 com_brainzz>okay im in
 com_brainzz>then what
 >>wow that's pretty fast
 >>i know u can :P
 >>can u retrieve their building map?
 com_brainzz>okay i got it
 com_brainzz>do u want me to send it to u?
 >>just search for prison cell no
 >>sorry2, umm try to retrieve the latest cell activities in recent
 30 days
 com_brainzz>cell 5 locked today
 com_brainzz>cell 5 unlocked today
 com_brainzz>cell 4 locked yesterday
 com_brainzz>cell 5 locked 5 days ago
 com_brainzz>cell 17 unlocked 9 days ago
 com_brainzz>cell 17 locked 14 days ago
 com_brainzz>no further record
 >>that's it! please unlock and open cell 5 gate
 com_brainzz>why? who's inside the cell? where r u right now?
 >>oh please don't ask too much
 >>just open it will ya?
 com_brainzz>i think im gonna regret this
 com_brainzz>wait up
 >>james! what's all this sirene about?
 com_brainzz>huh? what sirene?
 com_brainzz>i just unlocking the door as u requested
 com_brainzz>OH SHIT!!
 com_brainzz>someone interfere with my hack
 com_brainzz>and it causes a security breach which unlocking all
 the other 100 cells
 >>oh shit gtg cya
 com_brainzz>hey whats going on
 Left the room #1.
 Closing the room #1.
 Logging off from the host channel @AlabamaHackz..
 Client connection terminated.
 End of log.

Parallel Events: Purple Aurora: Chapter 3 | Sacred Memento: Chapter 2

2 comments on “Chat Log Entry #554378

    • Hahah. Wait until you see the full story thread. You can view the story from (almost) all the actors, and see the missing bit by bit from each perspective, to rounded up as a complete story. But you can read just one perspective, and still get the point of the story. 🙂

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