Purple Aurora: Chapter 2

Welcome to My Paradise

The sky is dark. At the horizon, some lightning strike still can be seen. Well, at least that’s what left after the acid rain that just washed the sector 10D in planet Alabama. The wind is so cold, that can freeze anyone who stay too long outside. But it’s weird that there’s never a snow just once in Alabama. Dark smokes and cloud stretched out in the sky at this heavy industrial planet.

“C’mon, let me see your hand,” said Patrick following from behind.
“I hate you! Go away!” Sam yelling without even turned his head, still walk his feet fast on cold ground.
“Oh c’mon, I’ve told you I’m sorry for hundreds of times already. Now let me see your hand. The wound you got when we jumped off from the cargo bay isn’t something to be taken lightly. I’ll stop the bleeding.”
“It’s just a scratch. I’m fine. Go away!” Sam still insist.
“No, it isn’t! Sam, if the acid rain water came in contact with your wound, it can caused infection.”
“Then who’s fault we’re now stranded on Alabama? Why you such in a rush that we forget to bring anything as a mean to go home? I didn’t even bring my credits chip with me!”
“Don’t worry, don’t you trust me? I can bring you anywhere, and I’ll surely can bring you back to home.. Sam look out!”

BUMP! “Ow!”
Sam fallen to the ground. He feels like have just hit a brick of wall. His hand shiver when touching the freezing ground.

“Hey,” the frustrated Sam yelling even louder, “watch where you move your feet you a…” his voice suddenly stuck out on his throat when he’s seeing a big figure with a black coat, black hat, and black sunglasses. He’s even more shocked to see there are four more people with bigger posture than this man behind him.
“Ahahaha, we are so sorry sir,” Patrick quickly replied, “we didn’t see where we are going. Now let us excuse from your road…”
“You didn’t see?” that man cut Patrick in the middle of sentence with a heavy voice. “You didn’t see, and yet you want to throw the fault at me?” Patrick and Sam gulped heavily. “You kids should be given a lesson, you spoiled brat! Take them over!”

“No, no, NO! Where are you taking us?” Sam panicked as one of his bodyguard grab his arms and force him to follow.
“We are not a run away industrial slave!” Patrick keeps his distance when two other bodyguards approach him.
“No, you’re not. But maybe after working your way through the slave way, you’ll be reminded of how exciting your slave life before you run away.” The man with sunglasses replied flatly. One of the bodyguard grab Patrick’s arm.
“I said NO!” Patrick break free from the grab and hit him with a direct kick to the gut. One of the bodyguard fall to the ground. Patrick turned around and started to running away.
“Hey! Don’t leave me alone!” Sam yelling. But Patrick didn’t even turned around. “Let me go!” He shake his hand, but the bodyguard’s grab is even more tighter.
“Follow him! He mustn’t escape!” the sunglasses man ordered. All of the other bodyguards is chasing after him, except the one who’s holding Sam.
“Now while waiting for the report, let’s take care of this slum before he gets away too. You all are clumsy! How could all of you can’t handle just one teenager kids? Let’s go!”

With that, the bodyguard bring Sam following the sunglasses man going through the downtown of the sector 10D, walking past some beggar that immediately run away when they saw them. They went a couple blocks of crumpled industrial office, until they arrived at an office. Sam read the neon sign at the building before he stepped in the metal rusty door, “Job Paradise Office”.

“Sit down.” he ordered. He then getting inside the next room with his three bodyguards. The door then closes automatically with a noise. One bodyguard that was grab him is getting outside.
Sam looked around. The lobby room is small, it even can’t be called ‘lobby room’. The smell of dust and long time unused room bothers his nose. There is one old wooden desk with one chair. Near the entrance door, there are a long old sofa, full of dust and ripped of everywhere. Sam feel reluctant to take a sit.

“Well, well, well, what we have here,” a voice suddenly coming out from the inside room. The door already opened again. Sam see a man coming from inside with cloth like a ship captain which he often spotted at the hologram when studying about ancestral history back in basic academy. “Usually, when we captured labors that run away, they tends to have wear a labor suit and smell like a sticky oil. But you,” he doesn’t continue his words, but looking at Sam up and down.
“But I’m not a slave!” Sam yelling, but he knows his voice is trembling.
“Now, now, don’t be so shy. My name is Tim. Tim Slavosky. What’s yours?”
“I’m Sam.” Sam short replied.
“Okay Sam, just tell us where is your original workplace factory? If you honest to me, I promise you can return to your workplace with no harm.”
“Like I’ve told you, I’m not a slave! How many times I’ve to reassure you?

Tim get up and take a pack of cigarettes. He lights up one, and then sit on the desk in front of Sam. “You must know, Sam,” he blow some smoke to Sam’s face, “the labors, that you often called slave, in this planet, are bound to a specific contract that they themselves made. Some were made because they’re in a high debts, some were criminals that wants to be free earlier by doing a work. We were paid to ensure that they stay that way, and nobody breach their contracts before the time expires.”
“But I’m not a criminals! I’m not even from this planet!”
“All of the labors are not from this planet either.” the man replied. “What makes you think you’re different from them?”
“But I AM different! I’m from New Memphis!”
“Well, then, tell me, how an underage boy from New Memphis can arrive to a planet that I believe is not in the most top list of intergalactic tourist network destination?”

Sam suddenly stopped. If they knew he were on this planet illegally, especially after a failed try to stole a necklace, he would be in much, much trouble.


Sam still doesn’t answer anything. The sound of a wall clock ticking can even be heard.

“That’s it, put him in the jail until we get further information.” Tim ordered. The bodyguards from the outside came in and grab Sam’s arm.
“No, you can’t treat me like this!” Sam complained but neither one answered. The bodyguard take Sam to the inner room, and then entered more door. He walk through a long dark corridor with the bodyguard. The sounds of footsteps echoing through the narrow long corridor.

They stop in a rusty door. The bodyguard open the door, and threw Sam in. Sam turned around and just watching the door closed as Sam left behind in a cold dark jail, alone.

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4 comments on “Purple Aurora: Chapter 2

  1. If Patrick ran away with the intention of returning to help his friend, then yeah, he did the right thing. But if he did it to save his own skin then, what does friendship mean to him?

    I’m beginning to understand the lost concept. They’re in situations that they’ve never been in before.

    • You must be talking about the link on the cover page of the spacecast. Ya ya, it’s an old link. I’ve fixed just it, but for further convenience, you can also choose from the menu.
      Haha, wait until the cresendo. 🙂

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