Living in The Highway Lane

In the midst of the night, here I was, sitting on my car, driving, listening to… nothing. I’m drunk myself in my thoughts, and I like it to be quiet when I do that. A lot of things is going on lately with my life, but not essentially bad things. Some, even the majority of it, is good. Or potentially good, if I take the right steps. That’s what flooded my brain these days.

The traffic light dimly changed from red to green, signalling all the vehicles in one road to move on, while the other roads are stop. Darn, it’s still not my lane’s turn yet. Well, so many people have someone else in their life giving them direction and emphasizing rules. While I support a society with order and peace, if we ourselves don’t know who we are and where we want to go, someday we will have to follow life goal of someone else. I put my head on my palm, leaned to the car’s window, while feeling the chilling breeze of the air conditioner. These atmosphere gradually put me in melancholy mode, out of nowhere. But this time, it’s ok, I think. I’m paying slight attention to the motorcycles out there, watching all the passengers on the motorcycle one by one. I wondered what’s their life like? Do they have a wonderful life? Can they manage their family matter while also have to work until this late? Well, they’re not necessarily from work, I think.

And then the green light catch my attention. It’s my lane’s turn, finally. I gear up the car, and drive it forward. Suddenly I heard sirens wailing behind me. What now? I prepared to move out of the Ambulance’s way — because I thought it was an ambulance — and realize that it’s just police patrol cars and motorcycles, guiding some cars behind. The road was busy — it’s 10 pm in the night, and the road still busy. All the three lanes are crowded, although it’s still moving, but very slow. I feel they’re very selfish, as the patrol car tried to shove cars in other lanes away so they can get in to move further, faster than the others, in this busy crowded road. I, sitting right in front of them, just keep ignorant of their effort to make me change my lane. The road is busy, afterall.

Then, at some time, they successfully shove cars in the lane left of them (we were in the rightmost lane). They get in, and slow but steady, they move forward besides me, guiding the client’s cars behind them. We can know which ones are the client’s cars because they put in the hazard lamp. But then after 3 cars that put hazards lamp, I see one brown car followed right before them, with the same speed, and without the hazard lamp. I pay attention, and think. And decided. So I turn my wheel to the left, joining the patrol line, and at the end I’m getting home faster than most of the people in that long winding road today.

Sometimes, when people see other people running toward their goals and living a successful life, they act like how I acted. Ignorant, despise, even actively hinder them to reach their dream. But some other people also finally realized, that instead of hinders them, why don’t we learn from them? Learn their secrets to success, motivate ourselves, and gain the motion of their success to even boost our own success? People who have potential to reach success usually also encourage other people to become success, where people who tends to be loser usually looking for “friends”, in the way they discourage other people to not reach their dreams. Watch our words, is it encouraging other people, or discourage them? That way, we will know whether we walk into realm of success, or gateway of doom.