Scary Truth

I’ve always had this power since I were very small. I can see spirits, human spirits I mean. Not ghost. If someone is alive, I can see a faint glow emanating from their body. Their spirit can also represent their emotional state. When someone is peaceful, their spirit glows like a ripple, calm and tender. But when I see someone depressed, their spirit emanating fierceful sparks like some kind of lightning bolts all over the place.

That’s why I usually hates going around in crowds. Almost 70% people I see emanates lightning sparks from their body so much that sometimes I feel like I can feel the zapping sensation on my skin. Not to mention their blinding light. It’s like watching camera blitz all around you. So you know why I avoid the crowds. When I’m hanging around with my friends, I usually suggest to go to clothing department store, as usually people in there is in a good mood while watching and trying all those kinds of clothes.

There’s just a small problem though, as one day when I enter one clothing department store, I can see lightning bolt strikes everywhere from the inside. Wow, what a freakin insane person inside, I guessed. With curiosity, I enter the department store, searching for the source of the light. That’s where the problem begin. The erratic light comes from a mannequin half upper body.

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