They Try to Break Me

They move. They talk. They touch. But they’re not really what they look like.

I already knew from a very long time. They look like everybody I once knew. The nurse. The doctor. The visitor. Something that very much looks like once my sister. It came with something resembles my girlfriend I’ve met before all of this happened. But they’re not them. I knew it. All of their soft words and voices, they just broke my heart even more.

They want me to open myself to them. They told me to stop pushing them away. They even told me that they love me, with voices that really resembles the people once live and I loved. I almost gave up that day. But I remembered again something out there wants me to break. The mastermind, it must be out there. How dare it torture me with using something resembles the people I love like this in this mental hospital? I bet it also elaborated the scenario to make me believe I’ve sounds like gone insane for me to agree to be put in this place by these.. things.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed the butter knife, and scratch the thing that resembles my sister in its hand, and it bleed! They even emulate humans down to the skin! I didn’t even pay attention from their scream and panic. The doctor and nurse rushed to the room. Some taking care of the thing that I’ve slashed, some other start to pinned me in my bed, holding my hands down, and try to grab the butter knife. They tried to sedate me again! Today I will not surrender, I said to myself. I wrestle as much as I can, hit and stabbed anything around me with that butter knife. Until one nurse managed to forcefully grab the knife from my hand, and accidentally make a cut on my palm in the process.

I howl as I felt a jolt of pain on my palm. But I scream even louder when I realized my cut open skin didn’t shed blood at all. My sister and my girlfriend was the last thing I see at the door, looking terrified at me, before I slipped into unconsciousness from the injected drug.

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