How to Cross the Mirror

It’s been recorded since ancient history that the world behind the mirror exists. The only thing that prevent us to cross the mirror to the world behind the mirror is the entity that mimic us, every single movement we make. Their finger prevent our finger to cross the mirror when we touch it. It’s told that we will be able to cross if we can scare it with something it’s not expecting. But we never succeed until today, as they know what we know.

So one day, I came up with a plan. I borrowed some terrifying ghost costume, with the plan to jump scare my ‘reflection’ off. It’s very scary, with a long black hair, red eyes, two nasty fangs, sharp fingernails, and other horrific properties. I wear it in the middle of the night. I wait behind the mirror until the clock strikes twelve, and I immediately jump in front of the mirror, raising my hand and making scary voices.

It’s such a disappointment. I see a ghost costume exactly as mine in the mirror. It already knew I’m going to use that trick, and mimicking every single move I make. I can’t scare it off until I’m exhausted.

And then suddenly the wind blows into my room. The ghost costumes inside the mirror floating up. Its eyes glowing red and leaking bright red liquid and making a loud growl which makes my heart thumping. Its hands reached forward, and suddenly flying toward the mirror, trying to catch me! I turn around and run as fast as I can while screaming horrified. Behind me, I heard sounds of a mirror being shattered. They’re finally crossing.

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