Good Horror Comic, Flash, or Apps Out There

Well, I’m not a usual fan of horror style genre comic or games, but for some of them I actually like it. Not that I consume it at daily dosis, but when someone hasn’t seen those horror comic or games, it’s usually fun to see their reaction. In here I’ll try to list all the good horror comic or flash out there. Remember, this is just for fun. It’s fun to watch these scene or games with your friends, especially if all of you haven’t seen it at all.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage an unhealthy addiction of horror consumption, as it can lead to mental disorder and lack of sleep. I compile this list just for fun. If you see the list, you’ll know where this is going on. And also, there are many other more useful activities than playing horror games or playing pranks on your friends, so don’t neglect your duty because of this. Do this in your absolute free time.

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